How Cloud Telephony Solutions Support Change Readiness

The “2015 Optus Future of Business report” conducted by Optus Vision found that change and change readiness are key indicators for business growth. The report also found that nearly 60% of change ready businesses perform more strongly than their competitors and are more than twice as likely to exceed growth targets. The business world is unpredictable and while all businesses are concerned with reducing costs and improving efficiency, their ability to embrace and manage change should be just as primary a concern.

A key area holding many SME’s and large enterprises back from becoming agile, innovative businesses destined for continuous success lies in their persistence to continue to use legacy communications systems. To increase business change readiness, we must embrace innovative changes in technology; we must embrace the cloud.

Businesses who adopt cloud telephony solutions over legacy communications systems are finding their “change readiness score” rapidly increasing. They are ultimately much better equipped to achieve and embrace long term business growth. Just how does a cloud telephony solution empower this significant level of change readiness?

Enabling employees to work remotely

A high quality, highly motivated, highly productive workforce is a critical determining factor in the success and prosperity of any business. Cloud telephony solutions equip your business with the ability to offer potential or prospective employees the ability to work remotely. Should your business begin to rapidly expand, the organisation will be able to swiftly respond by attracting high quality employees through the premise of being able to work remotely. Remote or home-based workers can be brought online quickly, enabling companies to respond to changing demand and call volumes.

As well as this, the business does not need to immediately consider a change in premises in the event of a surge in business growth. Employees can seamlessly work from home empowered by the many collaborative features offered by your cloud telephony platform.

Instant scalability in the event of major business growth or downturn

In the event of major business growth or indeed a downturn, organisations need to be instantly ready to respond and adapt their communications processes and solutions to remain competitive. With cloud telephony, a business will not have to be concerned about switching to a whole new communications solution as such solutions are effectively designed to grow alongside your business. Cloud telephony solutions are incredibly agile and adding or removing features or functionality from your plan is a seamless process.

Immediate deployment and implementation for new business locations

If relying on legacy telephony and communications systems, a change in business premises or the addition of a new business location can result in significant downtime. The deployment and implementation of legacy telephony solutions to a new business premises can be a lengthy and costly process. Cloud telephony on the other hand, offers immediate deployment and implementation if a business needs to move to a different premises or have opened an additional office.

With cloud telephony solutions, businesses are assured a remarkably smooth transition. With the Solgari cloud platform for example, we email all details and ship ‘ready to go’, pre-configured IP Desk Phones to your users, wherever they are. Once the IP desk phones are plugged into your LAN, they are ready to go. The deployment and implementation can be planned over just a few weeks and implemented in a few days.

Ready to meet changes in regulatory compliance

Many industries, particularly the financial services and recruitment industries, are faced with ever-changing regulatory compliance surrounding their communications. With legacy telephony solutions, a change in communications regulations can lead to a difficult, lengthy, costly upgrade to the current system in order to meet compliance.

Cloud telephony is much better equipped to meet compliance and regulation requirements. Cloud telephony solutions like Solgari offer features and functionality which far exceed existing compliance requirements. The solution can be instantly evolved to meet any changes in regulatory compliance due to the incredibly flexible nature of the cloud environment.

Are you ready for change?

A simple switch from legacy communications to a cloud telephony solution can completely transform business change readiness. Cloud telephony readily equips a business to cope with the challenging demands of an ever-changing business environment and support a clear path to maximising business growth.

Is your organisation ready to cast off the constraints of legacy communications and embrace the cloud? Talk to the team at Solgari to learn how cloud telephony can streamline operations, enhance productivity and maximise performance in your organisation.