Why Successful CIOs Will Want to Embrace Cloud Telephony

As the world’s inter-connectivity deepens at an ever quicker pace, technological innovation continues to lead business into the newly productive and competitive modern age. However, as communications become ever more instant and omnipresent, and apps turn into APIs, those that arguably should be the biggest champions and boldest leaders of such innovations – notably CIOs – are actually quite resistant to embrace such changes.

However by embracing the capabilities and possibilities of nascent advanced technology services like cloud telephony and unified communications platforms, CIOs can lead their organisations forward while retaining control of system use, data security and regulatory requirements.

More specifically, cloud telephony solutions offer innovative CIOs the ability to provide greater flexibility and freedom for users while also maximising security and corporate agility—and ensuring IT’s position and value for companies. Cloud telephony services offer seven key benefits which will interest the CIO’s of medium and large sized enterprises.

Centralised Control

Cloud telephony solutions like Solgari provide a complete communications centre platform with advanced features and functionality that is available anywhere with an internet connection. All features and functionality are easily managed within one central interface. This gives IT teams full control over use, cost and accessibility of the system.

Resource Savings

With no costly hardware to purchase, install and maintain, and no elaborate wiring or network costs, cloud telephony services offer significant savings of both time and resources for companies, particularly when facing expansion or consolidation.

Greater Productivity

Cloud telephony solutions include enhanced features and integration capabilities that help raise productivity levels across global organisations. Advanced call qualification and routing abilities minimise downtime, and easy integration with CRM and other management applications enable employees to work smarter.

Improved Customer Experience

Cloud contact centres can transform your customers’ experience by enabling more seamless communication throughout their sales, support or service journey. The superior capabilities of cloud telephony solutions minimise dropped calls and errant routing, and give company representatives better information on callers’ needs so they can provide faster, more accurate and helpful service.

Increased Agility

Agility tops most lists of capabilities necessary for success in the modern economy. Cloud telephony gives customers global mobility, world-leading functionality and immediate and unlimited scalability, so your organisation has the flexibility and tools it needs to grow, diversify and turn on a dime.

Built-In Compliance & Security

Doing business over the phone, over the internet and around the world comes with strict regulations and compliance requirements. There is a significant pressure placed on IT teams to ensure that all systems are equipped to meet such rigorous compliance requirements.

Cloud-based telephony systems make meeting compliance and security effortless, with features like PCI DSS compliant call & video recording that automatically detects and deletes sensitive information like credit card numbers and many more. Furthermore, calls can be encrypted end to end while all archived data is stored in accordance with military grade security standards.

Business Continuity

Cloud telephony offers a fundamentally more robust business continuity solution compared to on-premise telephony with multiple single points of failure. ‘Hot/Hot’ operating solutions in the cloud are designed to stay live by having multiple systems that talk to each other and react depending on any external failures detected. The best cloud telephony vendors achieve 100% uptime as a result.

With a cloud telephony solution like Solgari, CIOs can directly contribute to the positive future growth of their organisations by increasing agility, fuelling sales, improving customer interactions and minimising costs. All the while CIOs maintain control of system use and security, minimising unapproved adoption of alternative work-arounds.

To learn more about how the Solgari cloud communications platform can specifically benefit your organisation, we invite you to have an exploratory conversation with a member of the Solgari team.