Does the Future of CRM Rely on Cloud Telephony?

Early CRM systems were designed simply to gather data more efficiently. Today, companies rely on CRM’s for data analysis, organisation, storage and much more, often demanding and expecting functionalities that many CRM programs are not able to provide. By integrating your CRM system with a comprehensive cloud telephony solution, however, your organisation can magnify the benefits of CRM and substantially improve the customer relationship for both sides.

The keys to improved customer relations are also essential elements of today’s successful growth strategies: collaboration, compliance and mobility. Cloud-based telephony supports the development of these capabilities by offering a complete, often fully customisable selection of integrated functionalities designed to improve the agility and intelligence of a company’s workforce, regardless of individual roles. It’s this development across an organisation that enables growth and underscores the three key areas why cloud telephony is critical to the future of CRM systems.

1. Collaboration

Cloud communications and CRM system integration offers an opportunity for sales and marketing to be better aligned than ever before. Not only is business intelligence and customer information organised, stored and analysed according to goal-specific criteria, but the cloud enables that information to be accessed anywhere, anytime, so people working across the spectrum of customer communications can see the latest interactions—whether on the phone, online or in person—and follow-up with customers from an informed place.

Ensuring collaboration across your organisation can dramatically improve the customer experience. Better qualified customer information means calls can be routed directly to the most appropriate department or individual. The customer experiences faster results, and your organisation doesn’t miss a call—and therefore a sales opportunity—because of lengthy service calls or poor routing and re-routing.

2. Compliance

Several industries such as banking and financial services must adhere to strict regulations governing customer interactions and the protection of personal information. Other industries use the word compliance to mean that all employees are using a chosen system. Cloud telephony helps with both.

By moving all business communications to a cloud-based telephony solution, with an integrated CRM system and select features like call logging and archiving, your organisation can achieve greater visibility of and consistency in customer communications.

Moreover, cloud-based telephony offers advanced features like voice verification and client identification to ensure compliance with privacy and personal protection regulations. Sophisticated word and phrase search options make it easy to extract relevant details, such as for dispute resolutions. The enhanced security features can automatically delete sensitive information like credit card numbers to avoid storing the information in your system and meet PCI DSS compliance.

3. Mobility

Today’s global workforce is mobile, communicating with customers and closing deals everywhere there is an internet connection. The information stored in many CRM solutions can be accessed while on the go, and now advanced cloud telephony options let employees click to call customers straight from the CRM database, switch from voice to video calling, instantly record a call for future reference or training, and more.

Similar features can be leveraged in co-worker communications, helping your team work together around the world as easily as if they were around a table. Cloud telephony solutions include a full suite of features from which users can pick and choose according to their needs, and if those needs change because of increased or decreased mobility, you’re able to turn them on and off without impacting infrastructure or hardware supplies.

Take CRM to the next level

Cloud telephony solutions can transform CRM systems from data collection programs to lead-nurturing, customer-satisfying, deal-making engines that power your organisation’s success and future growth.

To learn more about how Solgari’s cloud telephony solutions can integrate seamlessly with your CRM, get in touch with a member of our expert team.