Why Successful CIOs Will Want to Embrace Cloud Telephony

As the world’s inter-connectivity deepens at an ever quicker pace, technological innovation continues to lead business into the newly productive and competitive modern age. However, as communications become ever more instant and omnipresent, and apps turn into APIs, those that arguably should be the biggest champions and boldest leaders of such innovations – notably CIOs – are actually quite resistant to embrace such changes.

However by embracing the capabilities and possibilities of nascent advanced technology services like cloud telephony and unified communications platforms, CIOs can lead their organisations forward while retaining control of system use, data security and regulatory requirements.

More specifically, cloud telephony solutions offer innovative CIOs the ability to provide greater flexibility and freedom for users while also maximising security and corporate agility—and ensuring IT’s position and value for companies. Cloud telephony services offer seven key benefits which will interest the CIO’s of medium and large sized enterprises.

Centralised Control

Cloud telephony solutions like Solgari provide a complete communications centre platform with advanced features and functionality that is available anywhere with an internet connection. All features and functionality are easily managed within one central interface. This gives IT teams full control over use, cost and accessibility of the system.

Resource Savings

With no costly hardware to purchase, install and maintain, and no elaborate wiring or network costs, cloud telephony services offer significant savings of both time and resources for companies, particularly when facing expansion or consolidation.

Greater Productivity

Cloud telephony solutions include enhanced features and integration capabilities that help raise productivity levels across global organisations. Advanced call qualification and routing abilities minimise downtime, and easy integration with CRM and other management applications enable employees to work smarter.

Improved Customer Experience

Cloud contact centres can transform your customers’ experience by enabling more seamless communication throughout their sales, support or service journey. The superior capabilities of cloud telephony solutions minimise dropped calls and errant routing, and give company representatives better information on callers’ needs so they can provide faster, more accurate and helpful service.

Increased Agility

Agility tops most lists of capabilities necessary for success in the modern economy. Cloud telephony gives customers global mobility, world-leading functionality and immediate and unlimited scalability, so your organisation has the flexibility and tools it needs to grow, diversify and turn on a dime.

Built-In Compliance & Security

Doing business over the phone, over the internet and around the world comes with strict regulations and compliance requirements. There is a significant pressure placed on IT teams to ensure that all systems are equipped to meet such rigorous compliance requirements.

Cloud-based telephony systems make meeting compliance and security effortless, with features like PCI DSS compliant call & video recording that automatically detects and deletes sensitive information like credit card numbers and many more. Furthermore, calls can be encrypted end to end while all archived data is stored in accordance with military grade security standards.

Business Continuity

Cloud telephony offers a fundamentally more robust business continuity solution compared to on-premise telephony with multiple single points of failure. ‘Hot/Hot’ operating solutions in the cloud are designed to stay live by having multiple systems that talk to each other and react depending on any external failures detected. The best cloud telephony vendors achieve 100% uptime as a result.

With a cloud telephony solution like Solgari, CIOs can directly contribute to the positive future growth of their organisations by increasing agility, fuelling sales, improving customer interactions and minimising costs. All the while CIOs maintain control of system use and security, minimising unapproved adoption of alternative work-arounds.

To learn more about how the Solgari cloud communications platform can specifically benefit your organisation, we invite you to have an exploratory conversation with a member of the Solgari team.

How Cloud Communications is Making Businesses More Agile

When, where and how the working world operates is changing fast, with people increasingly performing work and connecting with colleagues and customers outside typical workspace and office hours. Organisations are becoming more international and multinational, and offering both a greater global and local service can be achieved with one person and an internet connection.

Traditionally the idea of “agility” may have made for a good organizational goal or performance metric—today it’s an integral trait of successful companies.

agility n. 1. Ability to move quickly and easily, 2. Ability to think and make decisions quickly

Larger organisations are reassessing their needs and capabilities when it comes to being agile, mobile and innovative. They’re discovering that communication is key in this new, quick-paced world. Luckily the solution that offers the mobility, reliability and performance needed is also easy to implement, saves money and scales effortlessly: cloud communications.

Embedded Collaboration

Cloud communications software like Solgari offer seamless access to collaboration tools like voice and video conferencing, one-click meeting scheduling, instant messaging, desktop and document sharing and more, all within the same system.

Effortless Scalability

Whether you’re adding a new employee or a whole new regional team, your cloud communications solution can accommodate new users rapidly and seamlessly. All they need is a compatible device and an internet connection, no matter where in the world they are.

Flexible Growth

Cloud communications solutions include features and functionalities that can be turned on or off as needed, with no need for additional hardware or installation. If business development suddenly requires call archiving, this functionality can be added in an instant.

Integrated Applications

Cloud communications solutions includes all the usual communications tools, such as call forwarding and transfers, voice conferencing, messaging, auto attendant and call redirection, and offers advanced applications like click-to-call, interactive voice response, call archiving, skill-based routing, CRM integration and much more—all on a single, simple system.

Instant Connection

Make and receive calls and conduct on-the-fly meetings from any connected device, anywhere in the world. Plus, the Solgari cloud communications platform includes a click-to-call WebRTC functionality that lets customers click a link on any webpage to instantly initiate a call over the browser at no cost with your sales, service or customer care teams.

Reduced Costs

Consolidated cloud-based communications help minimise costs by virtually eliminating the need for traditional hardware like desktop phones and exchange boxes, and by offering dramatically reduced call rates.

Improved Performance

Cloud communications solutions help employees to perform better and achieve more, by offering reliable call quality, anywhere access and integrated features that keep employees connected to and informed of customers and each other.

Better Security

The Solgari cloud communications platform can automatically delete a customer’s credit card number from the call, log and handle payments, or use voice verification to confirm a customer’s identity, or record a call to preserve important information. Heightened, military grade, security is built into the system, ready to improve both service and compliance.

Precisely how the format and capabilities of cloud communications solutions will improve the agility of your organisation is for you to determine; however, it’s clear that the potential benefits are worth careful consideration by any organisation, regardless of location or operation. Talk to the team at Solgari to learn how our cloud communications platform can improve the agility of your organisation.

How Cloud Telephony Solutions Support Change Readiness

The “2015 Optus Future of Business report” conducted by Optus Vision found that change and change readiness are key indicators for business growth. The report also found that nearly 60% of change ready businesses perform more strongly than their competitors and are more than twice as likely to exceed growth targets. The business world is unpredictable and while all businesses are concerned with reducing costs and improving efficiency, their ability to embrace and manage change should be just as primary a concern.

A key area holding many SME’s and large enterprises back from becoming agile, innovative businesses destined for continuous success lies in their persistence to continue to use legacy communications systems. To increase business change readiness, we must embrace innovative changes in technology; we must embrace the cloud.

Businesses who adopt cloud telephony solutions over legacy communications systems are finding their “change readiness score” rapidly increasing. They are ultimately much better equipped to achieve and embrace long term business growth. Just how does a cloud telephony solution empower this significant level of change readiness?

Enabling employees to work remotely

A high quality, highly motivated, highly productive workforce is a critical determining factor in the success and prosperity of any business. Cloud telephony solutions equip your business with the ability to offer potential or prospective employees the ability to work remotely. Should your business begin to rapidly expand, the organisation will be able to swiftly respond by attracting high quality employees through the premise of being able to work remotely. Remote or home-based workers can be brought online quickly, enabling companies to respond to changing demand and call volumes.

As well as this, the business does not need to immediately consider a change in premises in the event of a surge in business growth. Employees can seamlessly work from home empowered by the many collaborative features offered by your cloud telephony platform.

Instant scalability in the event of major business growth or downturn

In the event of major business growth or indeed a downturn, organisations need to be instantly ready to respond and adapt their communications processes and solutions to remain competitive. With cloud telephony, a business will not have to be concerned about switching to a whole new communications solution as such solutions are effectively designed to grow alongside your business. Cloud telephony solutions are incredibly agile and adding or removing features or functionality from your plan is a seamless process.

Immediate deployment and implementation for new business locations

If relying on legacy telephony and communications systems, a change in business premises or the addition of a new business location can result in significant downtime. The deployment and implementation of legacy telephony solutions to a new business premises can be a lengthy and costly process. Cloud telephony on the other hand, offers immediate deployment and implementation if a business needs to move to a different premises or have opened an additional office.

With cloud telephony solutions, businesses are assured a remarkably smooth transition. With the Solgari cloud platform for example, we email all details and ship ‘ready to go’, pre-configured IP Desk Phones to your users, wherever they are. Once the IP desk phones are plugged into your LAN, they are ready to go. The deployment and implementation can be planned over just a few weeks and implemented in a few days.

Ready to meet changes in regulatory compliance

Many industries, particularly the financial services and recruitment industries, are faced with ever-changing regulatory compliance surrounding their communications. With legacy telephony solutions, a change in communications regulations can lead to a difficult, lengthy, costly upgrade to the current system in order to meet compliance.

Cloud telephony is much better equipped to meet compliance and regulation requirements. Cloud telephony solutions like Solgari offer features and functionality which far exceed existing compliance requirements. The solution can be instantly evolved to meet any changes in regulatory compliance due to the incredibly flexible nature of the cloud environment.

Are you ready for change?

A simple switch from legacy communications to a cloud telephony solution can completely transform business change readiness. Cloud telephony readily equips a business to cope with the challenging demands of an ever-changing business environment and support a clear path to maximising business growth.

Is your organisation ready to cast off the constraints of legacy communications and embrace the cloud? Talk to the team at Solgari to learn how cloud telephony can streamline operations, enhance productivity and maximise performance in your organisation.


Embracing Cloud Telephony Empowers SME Success

Cloud telephony solutions have revolutionised business communications for large enterprises and organisations. The cloud has enabled such organisations to seamlessly and more cost-effectively connect and communicate with their customers and suppliers. However, the number of SME’s on-boarding cloud telephony solutions has slowly started to overtake that of larger enterprises and organisations. Why so?

While SME’s were initially reluctant to embrace cloud technology, it is now widely recognised that embracing new technologies is key to business growth and innovation. Cloud telephony is here to stay and the faster that SME’s on-board, the faster they can start to realise a number of significant benefits.

  1. No need for support & maintenance contracts

The majority of SME’s do not have a dedicated IT department. This means that if they run into issues with their legacy based system, they will need to have ongoing separate maintenance and support contracts in place, to ensure that they can secure a fix to any issues with their legacy phone systems and avoid significant down time.

A cloud telephony provider like Solgari however, assumes complete responsibility for the implementation, maintenance and support of our cloud telephony solution. Maintenance and support is included as standard as part of your monthly subscription fees.

  1. Futuristic flexibility

The challenge presented by legacy telephony systems for SME’s is that they are effectively trapped in their existing infrastructures. It can be extremely difficult and costly to upgrade or move forward.  Cloud telephony, on the other hand, offers the scalability and flexibility to grow with your business. You only pay for what you need and can scale up or down as required. Cloud telephony systems are highly mobile so the need to move office premises or deploy in an additional location won’t lead to significant communication issues. SMEs are able to grow faster and scale up without having to worry about infrastructure or hardware.

  1. Benefitting the bottom line

A move to cloud based telephony results in a rapid ROI for SME’s, by reducing call costs, removing support contracts and requiring no upfront investment. Solgari customers have reported up to 50% cost savings within 6 months of implementation compared to their traditional telephony systems. Such costs savings can have a monumental impact on the bottom line of SME’s and free up critical cash flow to invest in business growth. With no requirement for an upfront investment to move to the cloud, embracing cloud technology presents little financial risk to an SME.

  1. Enterprise level features improve efficiency & control

SME’s require a telephony solution that is affordable yet can streamline business operations and empower greater efficiency. The enterprise level features that cloud telephony platforms offer SME’s can help to greatly increase the efficiency of call handling as well as enabling remote access and empowering more detailed business performance insights.

Ready to embrace the cloud?

Cloud telephony enables SME’s to reduce spiralling telecommunications costs and actively support your business growth. Want to learn how Solgari’s cloud telephony platform can directly benefit your business? Contact the Solgari team to arrange an exploratory conversation today.


Cloud Telephony Services – Demystifying 5 Common Myths

Are you unconvinced about the benefits of making the move to cloud telephony services? It’s likely that your reasons for not making the move to date are actually based on myths or misconceptions. To help you better understand the reasons why your organisation needs to make the move to cloud telephony services, we’ve dispelled the 5 most common myths.

Myth #1: Cloud Telephony Is Something We Need To Consider In The Future

Cloud technology isn’t a thing of the future, cloud telephony adoption is happening right now. Cloud telephony is a fast-growing technology that is approaching its maturity at a fast pace with every new innovation. Research by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) shows that 78% of UK businesses have already adopted some form of cloud technology. Within just 2 years, this figure is expected to rise to 85%.

Progressive global companies like Morgan McKinley, Aztec Exchange and more have already made the move to cloud telephony services. In fact, 3 out of 4 global organisations who have already adopted cloud telephony expect to further increase their usage in 2016.

Myth #2: If you want to move to the cloud, prepare to make a significant investment

This is such a common misconception but allow us to assure you that there is no upfront investment required to move to cloud telephony. In fact, such a move enables your organisation to swiftly move communications costs from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure model. Adopting cloud technology services should enable your business to save money from the get-go. You can enjoy a predictable monthly spend and significantly lower communications costs. Our Cloud Telephony customers typically save up to 80% on call rates alone.

Myth #3: Cloud Telephony services will disrupt your business

A very common myth regarding cloud telephony services is that adopting the technology will disrupt business performance. However, set up & delivery is very simple. We email all details, ship ‘ready to go’, pre-configured IP Desk Phones to your users, wherever they are. Once plugged into your LAN they are ready to go. The move to a cloud telephony service is planned over a few weeks and implemented in just a few days. If you are using our WebRTC collaboration service, there is no hardware or software required. All communications happen over the browser at the click of a button.

Once your cloud telephony solution has been implemented, your organisation can enjoy crystal clear call quality, superior call handling performance and enterprise class functionality. Cloud telephony should serve only to empower greater business performance.

Myth #4: Managing Cloud Telephony services will take up too much time for our IT team

The key here is to work with a partner who can help provide a robust transition strategy to cloud telephony services. With careful planning, moving telephony to the cloud can be a seamless transition with minimal learning and significant business benefits.

The Solgari technical team gather all the technical detail they need from each of your locations. We configure a unique roll out of our cloud telephony services for your specific needs. Remotely, we closely monitor all cloud telephony services to ensure each is working exactly as intended. Our support team are on hand to answer any queries too ensuring minimal input is required from your I.T. team.

Myth 5: Future upgrades will be difficult & expensive to implement

Another common myth is that cloud telephony solutions will prove difficult and expensive to upgrade in the future as additional functionality is required. however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the key benefits of cloud telephony is that it gives the flexibility to scale up when additional services are needed and scale down to avoid under-utilising IT capacity. The Solgari cloud telephony solution is software based so removing or adding features and users is as easy as pressing a button.

Still not convinced?

See how global companies have transformed productivity and performance and dramatically reduced costs by moving to cloud based telephony services. Want to learn how cloud telephony can strengthen your organisation? Request a call back to arrange an exploratory conversation with a member of the Solgari team.


World Telecommunications and Information Society Day

Today is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2016, a day that celebrates the constant evolution of the communications industry. This celebratory occasion was first established on 17th May 1969 by ITU, the UN agency for information and communication technology.

WTISD aims to highlight the importance of communication and raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the internet and other communications technology can bring to society. This year’s theme is ‘ICT entrepreneurship for social impact’. It promotes technology as drivers of innovative and practical solutions in achieving sustainable development goals.

The communications industry has evolved rapidly over the last few decades and bigger changes are afoot. We are living in a world with a growing appetite for ‘on demand’ and communications is no exception. We want instantaneous connections at any time, via any device. Traditional telcos simply cannot meet these demands and are subsequently limiting the levels of innovation global companies can achieve. This is paving the way for cloud- telephony systems which enable people to communicate via internet-enabled software.

Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is fast becoming the face of future communications. This technology allows people to communicate using their browser with voice, messaging, and video chat applications. Indeed, the flexibility of offering telephony functionality via cloud technology is opening a world of opportunity for young innovators and start-ups all over the world – including developing countries. Organisations are no longer restricted by outdated telephony technology and legacy infrastructures. They can now use their full imagination and creativity to come up with new ways to communicate via web or mobile applications.

Cloud telephony and WebRTC add another facet to modern-day communications and are much better suited to today’s consumer and business demands. The internet is ultimately unlocking opportunities to create new services and companies that can change the way businesses engage with their customers on a global scale.