3 Key Cloud Communications Considerations for Insurance Industry Leaders

In the wake of COVID-19, it has become very apparent that a lot organisations were not ready for remote working and a distributed work force.  This is particularly evident in the way they’re handling their customers’ communications.

Placing the spotlight on the insurance industry, the key outcomes for business leaders in this industry are to maintain Business as Usual communications with their customers to ensure renewals can happen, and to keep winning new business.  Communications is essential to achieving this and cloud communications is central to allowing the insurance industry to deliver this.

3 key cloud communications considerations for business leaders:

Compliant Channels

Customers need to be able to communicate over the channel of their choosing – whether it’s chat, SMS, voice, or third party.  And from a business perspective it’s imperative that the channel is compliant.  The insurance industry is particularly reliant on Voice to drive renewals and new business, so compliance considerations generally revolve around secure call recording, and PCI DSS compliant payments.  We work with customers to ensure all communications are recorded for compliance purposes, and accessible in our secure cloud.  For payments, we can integrate with their third-party payment platform, configuring a PCI DSS compliant payment process via IVR (Interactive Voice Response).  This ensures a seamless customer experience, and most importantly no sensitive customer data is stored as part of the call recording.

Cloud Contact Center

Some of the main benefits of a cloud contact center are scale and flexibility, but it’s also the ability to be able to access and manage it from anywhere.  This is particularly important in the current climate as it empowers businesses to effectively manage their agents, queuing, ring-groups, digital receptionists and more, while also having access to all call recordings and reporting capabilities to make effective business decisions.


Last but not least – it’s vital to ensure a great customer experience throughout.  To do this, CRM integration is essential as it allows you to have a 360 view of the customer you’re dealing with and have better more informed conversations.  Solgari’s cloud communications and contact center, coupled with Microsoft Dynamics 365, is called the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Solution, and gives agents access to all the customer data they need, allowing them to provide a superb experience.

COVID-19 Support Offer
COVID-19 has put a lot of stress on businesses globally, so along with our partner Microsoft, we’re create a COVID-19 support offer together to help businesses struggling with maintaining effective and compliant communications with their customers. Check out our regional offers below:
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