How Secure are Cloud Telephony Systems?

Adoption of cloud telephony systems continues to rise, yet there are still many organisations reluctant to make the move. This reluctance largely centres around concerns about data security. It’s understandable for businesses to be concerned about the security of their data. However, any concerns appear to be down to misconceptions and misunderstandings about the cloud.

Cloud technology is rapidly evolving. Even in the past 3 years alone, the innovations in cloud telephony and cloud contact centre technology have been incredible. Most of the security concerns about the cloud such as protecting data and sensitive information are simply old news.

The Fear of Cloud Telephony

Still, the word “cloud” causes many organisations to shudder with fear. Fears that a move to a cloud telephony system will diminish data security. Fears that the cloud will hinder an organisations ability to meet compliance. Fears about losing data control and transparency.

To dispel any fears, rumours, myths, misconceptions, misjudgements or misunderstandings about cloud telephony security, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions.

Cloud Telephony Security FAQs

Cloud telephony is still a relatively new technology; is it more vulnerable to security breaches?

As adoption of new cloud telephony technologies surge, there is a misconception that security is a challenge yet to be addressed. However, security concerns are the same regardless of physical or virtual components. After all, when we refer to “the cloud”, we are still talking about data storage and applications within a data centre.

Will the level of data control and access be reduced?

No – quite the opposite in fact! With cloud telephony systems, you can enjoy better access and control over your data. Cloud telephony providers will provide you with administrator rights to control and access data. Data is typically archived calls and communication data i stored by cloud telephony providers using military grade call encryption. This archived data in the cloud can be accessed immediately through the call log search capability and is far ahead of in house systems from both a security and search capability.

Are local computers and networks better protected than cloud-based telephony systems?

Even though your data may be hosted with the cloud telephony’s provider datacentres, that doesn’t make it any less secure. If anything, a cloud-based telephony system offers an increased level of security over local computers and networks.

Cloud telephony providers can afford to invest in innovative, intelligent security measures far greater than any organisation could afford to deploy themselves.

Can the cloud help meet industry security and compliance requirements?

Cloud telephony providers like Solgari offer military grade data security which far exceeds compliance requirements. With industries such as banking and financial services facing heavy communications regulation, cloud telephony solutions hold the key to meeting strict compliance.

Cloud telephony systems can more securely and cost effectively meet PCI DSS, MiFID II, FCA, Central Bank, SEC and Safe Harbor requirements than traditional telephony systems.

The Cloud – Transforming Telephony Security

The real risk is that companies will fall behind their competition by not embracing cloud telephony and technologies. By moving to a cloud telephony system, companies can take a significant leap forward in terms of ensuring data security and meeting regulatory compliance.

With Solgari’s cloud communications platform, all compliance requirements can be met automatically. Data security and meeting compliance simply become concerns of the past for cloud adopters.

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