Solgari exhibiting at Hong Kong FinTech Week from October 30th to November 1st


Enterprise Ireland showcasing 12 of Ireland’s top government-backed FinTech companies in the areas of
RegTech, Payments, Modular Banking, InsurTech, Cloud Communications & Biometrics.

Solgari, the global provider of compliant, omni-channel cloud communications services in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland , Ireland’s national investment and export agency and one of the world’s leading FinTech investors, will be exhibiting at Hong Kong FinTech Week , the world’s first cross border FinTech event from October 30th to November 1st at the Hong Kong & Exhibition Centre.

Hong Kong FinTech Week  is the world’s first cross-border financial technology event, taking place in Hong Kong, Asia’s financial capital, and in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley. It’s one of the largest conferences on the calendar, attracting more than 8000 senior executives and featuring over 200 of the world’s top FinTech founders, investors, regulators, and academics, who are shaping the future of financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across Asia and globally.

According to IDC, $1.7bn will be spent on Digital Transformation by 2022, and Solgari compliant cloud business communications solution is at the epi-centre of the opportunity for financial services with the following customer outcomes:

Our Asia Pacific customers include Private Equity, FinTech and Insurance firms in Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia. At Hong Kong FinTech Week , we are meeting existing partners including Microsoft and Principle One and exploring new partner and customer opportunities across the Hong Kong FinTech, Hedge Fund and Insurance industries. Please free to visit us at  Enterprise Ireland booth 3F during event or schedule a meeting in Hong Kong from October 29th.

You can see more about the event at  Hong Kong FinTech Week. 

About Enterprise Ireland

As one of the world’s leading technology hubs, Ireland is a hotbed of fintech innovation, helping the financial services industry respond to challenges from the digitisation of banking to new payments models and ever-changing compliance requirements. Enterprise Ireland is Ireland’s national investment and export agency which invests in start-ups and develops them internationally through its network of over 30 offices worldwide. Enterprise Ireland works with over 5,000 companies across all sectors helping deliver leading edge products and services globally.

With a portfolio of over 200 fintech companies, Enterprise Ireland  is the world’s second biggest fintech investor. In 2017, Enterprise Ireland  invested in 23 fintech start-ups and has invested in over 80 fintech start-ups since 2014. Our fintech portfolio generated over US$1.2 billion in revenue in 2017. For more information, go to our website

Enterprise Ireland Contacts

Mo Harvey – FinTech & Financial Services Lead, APAC

About Solgari

Solgari  provides Compliant & Integrated Omni-Channel Cloud Communication Services to FinTech, Financial Services & eCommerce customers in 40 countries to date.

Our integrated cloud software service provides all the digital business communication channels – voice, video, chat, IM & SMS – while also including GDPR, PCI DSS & MiFID II compliant recording & archiving of all communications.

Customers can access all business communications & related compliance requirements regardless of location on a per user per month SaaS model while avoiding the cost & complexity of legacy technology solutions.

For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about our solutions at Solgari or simply review this 2 minutes video The Digital Race

Solgari Contacts

Paul Mulvenna – Asia Pacific Business Development Director

Edward Grant – Chief Operating Officer

Hong Kong +852 3008 5699

Singapore +65 3159 0425

Australia +61 1800 728 103




Solgari & Emergent Telecommunications presenting at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai from October 14th to 18th 2018


Leading Regional Companies in Dubai to assess the leading technologies across areas such as Cloud, AI, IOT, Big Data & Machine Learning

Solgari, the global provider of compliant, omni-channel cloud communications services and Emergent Telecommunications, a leading telecoms and managed service provider across a number of  countries in MEA region and Pakistan, will be launching our services in MEA at GITEX in the Dubai World Trade Centre from 14 to 18 October 2018.

GITEX is the largest and the most renowned technology event in the Middle East, Africa, & South East Asia with over 4,000 exhibitors and thousands of buyers from across the entire region.

Countries in MEA & Pakistan are experiencing a major leap forward to the most modern technologies, such as the deployment of the LTE Advanced 4.5G network. This creates the opportunity to deliver modern communication solutions such as Cloud Business Communications across the top of these networks to fast growing SMEs, local & multi-national corporates who are not encumbered with legacy technologies.

We will be presenting our solution and customer outcomes which are uniquely available across the entire MEA region:

Please visit us at Z3-C10, located in the Zabeel Hall or please contact Neeta or Tamara directly as per below.

Read more about the show at GITEX Dubai

Emergent Telecommunications Contacts

Neeta Puniani – VP Commercial

UAE: +971 43 82 7700

Solgari Contacts

Tamara Phelan – EMEA Head of Sales

UK +44 808 238 9594 x 313




Solgari partners with OnDemand4U to bring cloud business communications to SMEs in DACH


Partnership announced to coincide with Taoiseach’s visit to Frankfurt

 London / Frankfurt – April 7, 2017 Solgari, the global provider of the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications solution, has today announced its partnership with OnDemand4U, a Microsoft partner specialising in implementing Microsoft Cloud solutions to SMEs. The partnership will enable OnDemand4U to offer Solgari’s business communication software services – specifically IP telephony, contact centre and web communication – to its extensive customer base in DACH. Solgari is a client of the Irish Government’s export agency, Enterprise Ireland.

The partnership announcement took place at an Enterprise Ireland networking event in Frankfurt attended by the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, as part of a trade visit to Germany.

Julie Sinnamon, CEO Enterprise Ireland congratulated Solgari on the partnership saying, “Enterprise Ireland has been working with Solgari since 2012 and has seen them go from strength-to-strength, growing a strong customer base internationally and recruiting people in Ireland. It is a key priority for Enterprise Ireland, post Brexit, to support Irish companies with global ambition to help them build scale in Ireland, and expand their reach into markets, particularly beyond the UK. We look forward to continue to work with Solgari on their growth journey to optimise their full international potential in Northern Europe.”

Speaking from Frankfurt, the Taoiseach said, “I am pleased to announce this partnership between Solgari and OnDemand4U which will bring cloud business communications to SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU the Government immediately acted to support our businesses – securing extra resources for our Enterprise Agencies and pursuing a new Trade and Investment Strategy that will see the Government work relentlessly to support our Irish companies in developing innovative, fruitful partnerships like this.”

Solgari is the only global cloud business communications vendor that delivers business telephony, call & video conferencing, desktop sharing, contact centre, IVR, call archiving, call encryption, PCI DSS compliance and carrier requirements through an integrated software platform. Customers pick and choose the services they require, where and when they need them, on-board in days, and save cost compared to other systems.

The company’s compliant cloud business communications solution is of particular value in the German market. Through the integration with Dynamics CRM, Solgari cloud services offer all telephony, contact centre, WebRTC and compliance capability to all existing Microsoft CRM customers.

“OnDemand4U and Solgari are delivering an integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Cloud Business Communications solution that is ideal for fast growing and dynamic customers in DACH and beyond,” said Edward Grant, CFO Solgari. “In the modern world, customers require cloud software solutions that can be delivered to their staff anywhere and are flexible to meet industry specific needs. Our partnership delivers this solution and we are delighted to work with a clear market leader in OnDemand4U.”

“OnDemand4U is committed to helping small and medium-sized business in the German speaking region with their migration to the cloud,“ said Kenneth Christensen, general manager, OnDemand4U. “Many of our customers do not have fixed telephony systems, but most have Office 365, so we wanted a solution that would easily integrate. Solgari is the first company we have found that fits the bill and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers and prospects the IP telephony solution that they have been looking for.

About OnDemand4U

OnDemand4U is a leading Microsoft online partner specialising in consulting and implementing Microsoft Cloud solutions. These include Dynamics CRM Online, Social Engagement, Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

More than 200 companies have come to appreciate OnDemand4U’s consulting service specifically designed for the introduction, adaptation and support of Microsoft Online products. From analysing business processes, implementing cloud-based software solutions, and adapting customer requirements, OnDemand4U focuses on ensuring uninterrupted business operations during migration to the cloud.

About Solgari

Solgari has developed the technology, network and partnerships to deliver the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications software solution.  No boxes, no licenses, no software upgrades, no capital expenditure, Solgari is unique.  Solgari is a licensed telco, integrated with a scalable and modular cloud software platform, providing every service from Cloud Telephony, Call & Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing up to the most intelligent Contact Centre, covering call recording and encryption while meeting FCA, SEC, Central Bank and PCI DSS Compliance.  Solgari’s customers can pick and choose the services required, where and when through a subscription based model.  For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about Solgari’s solutions at

Media Contacts

Finn Partners

Flora Haslam or Astor Sonnen

+44 203 217 7060


How banks are embracing the digital revolution


Modern-day banks want to become digital banking leaders. Customers, competition and compliance are without doubt the three ‘C’s’ fueling this development. The demand for digital innovation is growing rapidly, whilst competition in the financial markets is fierce. Couple these with the stringent regulations being placed on financial firms and it’s clear why so many financial firms are moving to the cloud and digital technology. Indeed, it is one of the safest, most cost-effective and efficient way of managing communications.

Despite the reputation of being slow to react to change and sticking to legacy technologies, it’s surprising how many banks are embracing the digital revolution. The benefits of transitioning to the cloud and going digital are becoming to obvious to ignore; failing to make this move could lead to banks being labelled a ‘’dinosaur’ of the financial industry.

There are two types of technology that we are seeing dominate the digital shift within banking, particularly communications.

Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC)

The internet is transforming communications, with WebRTC taking this one step further. Indeed, it has the potential to revolutionise both internal and external communications in the financial sector. An open-source project supported by Firefox, Microsoft and Apple, Web RTC enables voice and video calling directly from the web browser, thus creating an instant direct connection, whether it’s between employees or the bank and a customer. Web meetings can be set up effortlessly, giving individuals the opportunity to connect via audio or video conference, and share content, wherever they are located.

A big draw with WebRTC is that there is nothing for firms to install or maintain. Prior to WebRTC, if banks wanted to interact with customers via video or audio, they required a stand-alone application or a fully-fledged Unified Communications (UC) system that needed a big upfront investment. WebRTC, however, is making it possible to embed audio and visual communications in browsers without the need for any plugins. All that is required is a browser, microphone and speakers, all of which come as standard on any modern laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. It is therefore much quicker and easier for users to start one on one, or multi-user web communications, doing so by clicking a link or dedicated button. This opens up a whole array of collaborative opportunities beyond the confines of the financial organisation.

Voice verification

With the introduction of biometric technology with voice recognition and touch ID fingerprint reading sensors, mobile phone makers have popularised the technology, putting incredibly powerful and disruptive technology into the hands of millions. Banks and financial firms worldwide are now trying to take advantage of this technology.

Indeed, as we move to a more connected, online world, we need a more effective, sustainable way to securely prove who we are, and because of this shift, voice verification biometrics solutions are providing really innovative automated, digital and self service options. Particularly in banking, it is changing the way we manage banking security. This technology has become increasingly sophisticated, and today’s tools are able to identify the tone and cadence of the person’s voice; an audio fingerprint that can be used to prove with the highest possible accuracy that the speaker is who they claim to be.

For example, a customer can make a purchase using a bank’s or fintech’s application or product. Before the transaction is confirmed, the customer will receive an automatic call to verify it is them making the purchase via voice verification biometrics. It streamlines the authentication process by removing the need for a human operator all together; it removes the need for complex passwords and PINs; and it prevents the information obtained from data breaches from being used.

The majority of banks have already begun their digital journeys and are adopting technologies such as WebRTC and voice verification to optimise their digital communications. As this continues, banks will begin to lead the way in meeting market demands and will, as such, become much more agile, efficient and forward-thinking.

For more information on these leading digital solutions please visit Solgari