Microsoft Teams and Unified Communications: An Overview

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While looking for the perfect unified communications solution for your business, you may not have included Microsoft Teams in your research shortlist. If you thought that Teams doesn’t qualify as UC, you aren’t alone; many businesses adopted it as part of a broader suite of comms applications and therefore think of it as a tool that needs complementing by other applications. But, if you’re looking to get incredible bang for your buck from your UC, it might be time to take a fresh look at Teams and reframe the way you think about it.

This blog details everything you should know about how Microsoft Teams can facilitate unified communications and why it delivers the best value on the market.


What is a Unified Communications Solution? 

A Unified Communications Solution brings communication, collaboration, messaging, meetings, telephony, mobility, whiteboarding, workflow configurations, video, and audio into a single solution.


Why businesses benefit from Unified Communications 

We’ve covered this in depth already! With an array of communications applications on the market that promise to facilitate better collaboration and break down barriers to effective communication, why are businesses seeking to unify communications into a single solution? 

Single-use platforms, like Zoom or Slack, do a great job of making it possible to work in new ways. However, because they’re not designed from the ground up to complement and enable a Unified Communications strategy, in some cases they can even create additional communications silos and negatively affect existing ways of working.  

In contrast, when using Microsoft Teams, organisations can open up new ways of working and enhance existing ways of working. Together, these outcomes become the value lever for better collaboration, improved efficiency and productivity, greater agility, and more


A fresh look at Microsoft Teams and Unified Communication

You’re likely well aware of the many incredible Teams features, which include: 

  • Internal chat messaging with colleagues  
  • Voice calling for business communication
  • Video calling and conferencing 
  • File sharing and real-time document collaboration
  • Team-focused/Project-focused communication 

By unifying these features into one interface, MS Teams delivers exceptional value and powerful collaboration capability – possibly the best on the market. Additionally, integrating Solgari for Microsoft Teams, turns it into a true, all-singing-and all-dancing contact center as a service platform integrated with a company’s internal communication channels. 

Teams becomes a comprehensive platform with all the necessary functionality to streamline processes, manage remote teams effectively, facilitate flexible working, and keep your entire workforce connected and productive no matter where or when they work. And essentially, it will enable you to open up effective new ways of working and improve existing ways of working. 

There are several other reasons Microsoft Teams is a Unified Communications Solution:

It’s big on integrations 

Because Microsoft Teams partners with peers and competitors to enable native integrations, you can expand Microsoft Teams to meet your specific communication requirements without investing in on-premise infrastructure. Instead, you can use additional subscription-based, scalable services without fracturing your communications infrastructure.

Solgari for Microsoft Teams enables fast, intelligent, compliant all-channel communications via voice, video, chat, SMS, and fax, all in Microsoft Teams. It enables a broad range of industry-specific use cases that traditionally rely on a contact center operation, such as patient engagement, retail eCommerce support, post-sale remote service in Manufacturing, and enabling the bank branch of the future within the Financial Services sector. 

If you’re looking to simplify your communications infrastructure and create the conditions for your workforce to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, take a look at Solgari’s advanced features and see how we can help. Or request a demo to see our powerful solution in action. 

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