4 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Is a Powerful Solution

Two health care workers confer in a hallway while viewing patient information on a tablet device

Solgari for Microsoft Teams improves efficiency, enhances patient care, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Solgari for Microsoft Teams complies with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, ensuring secure communication between healthcare professionals and patients. 
  • It provides high-quality video conferencing capabilities to facilitate remote consultations and virtual visits, improving patient care access.
  • Solgari for Microsoft Teams can be integrated with other healthcare tools, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and clinical decision support systems, to provide a comprehensive solution.

As healthcare is increasingly digitized, many providers and patients struggle to communicate effectively and safely. Complex solutions have been cobbled together by different vendors, leading to frustration. Communication channels such as phone, SMS, and chat aren’t connected, and providers find it challenging to get the consolidated information they need to provide a streamlined customer experience.  

Complying with all healthcare regulations is extremely difficult, with so much sensitive information jumping between applications and across potentially unsecured connections. To provide effective care and secure patient experiences, healthcare providers must have access to the correct data and integrated communication channels.

Patient care is coordinated care, which requires the right tools to enable all-channel, all-device, all-location communication and collaboration for providers and patients. Solgari for Microsoft Teams makes your organization run like a well-oiled machine through its powerful, simple-to-use, available 24/7 technology on any device. Virtual visits are easy, information is at your fingertips, teams remain motivated, and patients are delighted. 

Let’s examine how Microsoft Teams for healthcare is a powerful solution when combined with Solgari.

1. Secure integrated communication

Complying with healthcare regulations like HIPAA is vital. HIPAA security rules require healthcare professionals to protect electronically stored patient information. You undoubtedly have administrative procedures, but what about mandated technical safeguards? Implementation can be challenging without proper tools. 

Solgari seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams so you can work smarter and safer, using a cloud contact center to deliver both secure collaboration and a simplified digital patient support experience with:

  • Crystal-clear voice calls 
  • In-browser, single-click, high-definition video calls
  • Integrated, automated inbound, and outbound SMS
  • Feature-rich chats with single-click voice and video transfers

If you have avoided patient or collaborator messaging using mobile apps because of HIPAA security issues, Solgari solves that problem. Its compliance-first solution works with many common messaging apps. Solgari’s all-channel, all-device, all-location software application means providers can freely access what they need when they need it. You can also boost customer experience by 30% with Teams.

2. Digitized healthcare made simple

Video consultations became necessary during the COVID pandemic and have grown popular among both patients and providers. A recent survey reported that 55% of patients found virtual visits more satisfactory than in-person appointments. A study of nurses found the same, citing virtual visits’ flexibility, efficiency, and information access. Plus, easy access to information via Microsoft Teams accounts for a 25% error reduction.

With Microsoft Teams, patients don’t have to download an app, which sets it apart from other solutions. With Solgari’s integrated webRTC, patients can connect with you by chat, voice, or video and even share files. This streamlines the process and leads to a better experience.

3. Empower your frontline staff

Efficiency and patient care suffer when staff members jump from one application to another to either get what they need or communicate with each other or patients. When you empower frontline healthcare workers with Solgari for Microsoft Teams, you give them the right tool to simplify their work.

All patient data documented in your EHRs software is usually entered by someone in your frontline staff. Unfortunately, most times the EHR software is too large for mobile devices, which means the data must be entered twice – while on rounds and later into the EHR system. This is far from efficient. 

Solgari for Microsoft Teams has a simple method of entering data on a phone or tablet. Because it is integrated with your EHRs and support systems, the entries must only be done once, leaving more time for the most important task of all – patient care. 

Staff can also easily move content from Office 365 to Microsoft Teams from a computer or mobile device, even for those who have never used an office productivity solution. By integrating EHRs, staff can, for example, ensure patients receive the appropriate drug at the correct time and efficiently manage in-hospital drug and supply deliveries.

4. Solgari elevates your healthcare communications

There’s no room for the status quo, and “this is how we’ve always done it.” Patients expect more personalized and convenient healthcare services than ever before. A modern and effective healthcare organization requires:

  • Seamless availability of all communication channels in one place
  • Complete contextual data gathered from all sources
  • Easy access to video consultations and collaboration
  • Secure mobile messaging
  • “Anytime, anywhere, on any device availability”

Solgari for Microsoft Teams is impacting clinical continuity, communication, and collaboration in the healthcare industry. Empower your hardworking staff members and patients with the tools they need for successful outcomes.

Solgari has the communication flexibility and freedom you need. We’re a premium tier partner in Microsoft’s Business Applications ISV Connect Program and have the only native digital contact center app available in Microsoft Teams. We make it easy and secure for healthcare organizations to meet and exceed patient expectations.

Discover for yourself why Microsoft Teams for healthcare is a powerful solution. Get the Solgari for Microsoft Teams app today. Reach out to request a demo. Together, we can better shape the future of communication in healthcare.

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