All-channel analytics: capture the unified data opportunity

Businesses across all industries are identifying a real, pressing and growing need: analytics based on unified conversational channel data. According to a recent Forrester Report, 53% of decision makers surveyed confirmed that they do not have proper visibility into the data required for agents to understand customer context. Firms who can address this challenge will gain the competitive advantage through improved Customer Experience compared to other businesses in their industry.

Combining data across Voice, Video, and digital messaging channels unlocks new insight for Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. Firms who achieve this in a compliant and secure way enable their decision makers to view the business from the same perspective as their end customer: holistically across all touch points and conversation channels, where each interaction is part of a unified user experience.

Speaking from experience

The Solgari team spoke to this point, and this opportunity, at a Power Community bootcamp session in late July. Our Head of Presales, Ben Banks, presented a combined Voice and SMS dataset from Solgari’s all-channel communication solution, brought to life in PowerBI. The result was a powerful and configurable dashboard, surfacing relevant, actionable insight for the running and refinement of inbound and outbound communications.

We showcased the tangible business benefits of a) leveraging one integrated all-channel solution from a single provider such as Solgari, and b) leveraging the resulting unified data to deliver fresh insight. We highlighted combined conversation throughput across Voice and SMS, as well as channel-specific insights such as Voice Call resolution rates and cost of outbound SMS messaging.

Solgari’s all-channel communication solution enables this unified approach to conversational analytics, whether integrated directly into a CRM or via our standalone Webphone solution.

Capture the data-driven opportunity

Gain a clearer picture of how channels interact, identify transition points within the user journey: when do customers escalate from SMS, to Chat, to Voice, to Video? From conversation with an Intelligent Voice Object solution, to a Live Agent? Combined with customer CRM data, what patterns or trends emerge?

When a business can tie a particular buying or conversation journey with, for example, broad age cohort detail, then it can learn and eventually anticipate how best to serve that cohort. Successful organizations will combine this insight with earnest customer success ambitions: with consumers now challenging firms to ‘show me you know me’, it’s not about finding better ways to sell, it’s about identifying the most effective way to solve their problems.

We were delighted to speak at the July Bootcamp event – many thanks to our hosts Power Community. If you or a member of your team would like to learn more about the power of unified all-channel analytics, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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