Identify a business problem, then apply AI: Solgari Customer Engagement Solution

Microsoft recently published the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report which delves into the transformative impact of AI in the workplace, highlighting its rapid adoption and the challenges leaders face in integrating AI solutions effectively. The report also explores how AI is reshaping the labour market, creating new opportunities, and elevating the importance of AI skills among employees.

Below are some of the key findings and takeaways from the report:

The opportunity ahead for leaders is to channel employee enthusiasm for AI into business transformation. This will look different for every organization, but here’s how to get started.

  • Identify a business problem, then apply AI: There are efficiency gains to be had across every function—the key is to pick a process and apply AI. For example, start with customer service and focus on improving call-handling time.
  • Take a top-down, bottom-up approach: Going from experimentation to transformation requires engagement at every level of the organization, from the CEO to the entry-level employee. Business gains will come when you enlist your business line leaders to activate teams around AI.
  • Prioritize training: AI power users aren’t doing it on their own—they receive ongoing training, both on universal tasks and uses more tailored to their role and function.

Let’s expand on the first suggestion, identify a business problem, then apply AI, starting with customer service, with a practical implementation guide. The following steps will equip any of your customer facing team with a fully featured AI-powered contact center natively within Teams, it also captures every conversation across every communication channel in a single data store which you can then add as a data source for any additional Microsoft copilot to reason over.

Step 1. Identify customer facing roles in your business already using Microsoft Teams.

Step 2. Extend Microsoft Teams with AI powered Contact Center functionality including self-service chatbot, Solgari copilot assistance plus reporting & rich insights.

Step 3. Use Microsoft Copilot for Sales extended with the Solgari omnichannel data.

To see how it works in action please take a look at some of the use case videos by clicking here.

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