Empowering banks and banking customers in credit applications

Solgari’s strategic partnership with VeriPark demonstrates the commitment and constantly evolving value propositions of both firms for the Financial Services Industry. We recently had the opportunity to showcase a joint demonstration, integrating Solgari’s Converse all-channel communications endpoint alongside VeriTouch, the vertical Customer Engagement solution from VeriPark.  

The Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdowns have accelerated digitalisation for the banking sector and seen a rise of 72% in the use of FinTech apps across Europe. It has resulted in customers being less willing or able to come in person to branches. Through the combination of VeriPark and Solgari, bank customers benefit from a new and effective digital route to access the same face-to-face support they once received, delivered entirely within their internet or mobile banking applications.  

Achieving the outcomes you desire, on the channel of your choice 

The short video above illustrates the importance of empowering customers to engage on their terms. The conversation starts in a Chat window as the customer queries a recent automated mortgage assessment, and then fluidly escalates into a two-way video call between the customer and a specialist advisor using Solgari Converse in Dynamics 365. 

Banking customers’ expectations concerning digital banking have grown exponentially thanks to the global pandemic. Increasingly they can raise issues with service providers and expect instant resolution – financial services is far from immune to this trend. The combination of Solgari Converse and VeriTouch from VeriPark enables Banks and their Agents to address enquiries at the time they’re raised, on the channel that customers prefer. Increased customer satisfaction and deepened relationships are the rewards on offer for those institutions that can deliver effective digital paths to value – alongside increased throughput, heightened operational resilience and reduced cost. 

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