The Advantages of Automated Customer Service


Like most things in life, customer service has changed. Over recent years, the benchmark of exceptional customer service has risen significantly, and businesses can no longer consider this a USP of theirs, as it has become a requirement.

Through innovations in AI and machine learning, and the resulting opportunities to automate manual tasks, technology has become an enabler of exceptional customer service. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the advantages of automated customer service, why it is worth investing in and how it will help improve your customer satisfaction.


Why Does Your Organisation Need to Leverage the Advantages of Automated Customer Service?

Your organisation’s success could hinge on its delivery of exemplary customer service. In fact, 83% of consumers cite good customer service as the most important factor, aside from product and pricing, when deciding whether or not to purchase. Your organisation can harness the power of technology, and benefit from the many advantages of automated customer service, such as:

  • Always on support: The modern customer doesn’t want to wait for their issue to be resolved; they demand instant resolution, every time. With automated customer service, your organisation never switches off. You are able to provide your customer base with 24/7/365, always on support.
  • Increase engagement from human service reps: If many of your customer service tasks are automated, the staff you do employ are left with more time to focus on delivering an exceptional service. They are freed from the monotonous, highly administrative day-to-day tasks, and are therefore able to spend more time with each of their customers.
  • Better access to contextual information: Automation enables the collection of contextual information. Information about Know-Your-Customer checks, order references and the nature of enquiries will all be available in a holistic overview for the customer service agent, eliminating the need to repeatedly go over information with the customer that has previously been provided. This way, the agent can easily and efficiently solve any enquiry.
  • More efficiency: As the demands of your customer continue to rise, efficiency becomes more important than ever. Through automated customer service, you are able to address, assign and resolve customer queries automatically, significantly improving the customer experience and in a fraction of the time.
  • Easier scalability: With automated customer service, your organisation can easily scale its ability to address inbound enquiries. Your solution will scale to your business needs, which is a more cost-effective, less time-consuming answer to growing demands than hiring new staff.
  • Fewer human errors: Whether it’s incorrectly assigning a ticket, or forgetting to log customer interactions, human error can detrimentally impact the customer experience. One of the key advantages of automated customer service is that your organisation can alleviate the risk of this occurring, which improvers the overall customer experience you are delivering.


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