The Benefits of Omni-channel Sales and Marketing


Customers expect a seamless omni-channel journey with fast, efficient and personalised communication that spans effortlessly across devices, at home or on the move. Whether on a mobile, laptop, computer or tablet, customer experience is expected to be exemplary. The benchmark for what successful customer service means is now higher than ever. Knowing and mastering the difference between “business as usual” and truly transformative customer service is now mission critical – this short guide is a vital resource for any business leader charting a route towards growth for their organisation.

What is Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing?

Omni-channel sales and marketing is the practice of businesses carrying out their sales and marketing campaigns across multiple channels to promote, interact and communicate with customers. It permits a seamless experience for clients across all the channels through which a business sells.

With omni-channel sales and marketing, you can build powerful cross-channel relationships with prospects and customers, and leverage the data generated across every interaction to refine your understanding of their preferences and requirements.

What are the Benefits of Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing?

1. Increased sales

Omni-channel sales and marketing solutions provide the tools, channels and data insight to maximise the value of every interaction, and each indication of interest. Sales teams can respond to leads and prospects faster, on their channels of preference, and with the most relevant offer based on their interaction history. By increasing the volume and value of conversions, omni-channel solutions drive up sales and revenue across the board.

2. Greater client satisfaction

With an omni-channel approach, the customer experience is enhanced as all channels are merged; enabling a smooth and efficient navigation of all platforms. For example, Solgari combines all communication channels into one, unified place. As a result, customers will benefit from faster resolutions and more complete outcomes. This can lead to tangible improvements such as an increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer loyalty and satisfaction metric which reveals how likely your clients are to recommend your services. If you are looking to scale your business and increase revenue, building brand advocates who will recommend your services to their colleagues and peers is essential. This simply cannot be done if the customer experience is not optimal.

3. Improved customer lifetime value

Omni-channel communication is a customer-centric experience that helps to improve customer lifetime value. Customers value being at the forefront of operations, and omni-channel services ensure this. In fact, 53% of leading European retailers see improving lifetime customer value as a crucial reason for implementing an omni-channel strategy.

4. Real-time support

An omni-channel approach enables you to create real-time reports on any part of your communications. It’s crucial to keep up with your customers’ evolving demands and expectations, especially when 64% of customers expect to receive real-time customer support.

5. More customer data collected

With an omni-channel approach, your customer service, sales and marketing channels act as a source of invaluable information. From this data, you can strengthen and enhance the relationship you have with your customers.

6. Increased operational efficiency

Another business benefit of adopting an omni-channel platform is increased operational efficiency. Bringing all your channels into a single platform generates unified analytics, allowing you to see the whole customer picture, rather than just per-channel data. You can then develop or refine practices to reduce or remove obstacles to excellent customer service and deliver the desired customer outcome in the minimum time. For example, with Solgari’s all-channel communications solution for Dynamics 365, supervisors and admins gain access to real-time reporting wallboards and visualisations that detail call handling, response times and queue efficiency across voice, SMS and social channels.

Finding the Perfect Partnership with Solgari

Are you ready to take control of the conversation with an omni-channel sales and marketing solution? If so, Solgari is the perfect solution for you. Our omni-channel services include:

  • Full-function contact center
  • Unified business communications
  • Voice, SMS and social media (inc. WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and LINE App)
  • Seamless integration with CRM
  • Call recording and archiving
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Bridging voice, video, chat, SMS, mobile messaging and social media, our omni-channel communications solution (CCaaS), will streamline your sales and marketing and boost your business to near-limitless success. To find out more, get in touch today.

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