A Unified Communications Cost Benefit Analysis


Unified Communications (UC) refers to the integration of multiple essential communications tools, including voice, video, SMS, social media and instant messaging, with the goal of streamlining user experience and enhancing productivity and communication. Using a Cloud-delivered version of UC, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), can deliver exceptional Return on Investment (ROI), as well as collaboration and connectivity benefits. This means that implementing UCaaS can have significant and tangible business impact.

When carrying out a unified communications cost benefit analysis, it is essential to consider the different types of ROI. Hard ROI refers to easily quantifiable measurements that contribute to your business’ overall success. The most common example of this is increased revenue. By contrast, soft ROI describes a return that is not as easily quantifiable. This could include factors such as increased productivity, greater brand awareness or higher customer satisfaction.

The four core metrics for a UCaaS cost benefit analysis

Revenue generation

Unified Communications solutions equip every agent to increase transaction volumes and maximise lifetime customer value (LCV). Whenever and however a customer contacts the company, the agent is armed with the right blend of communication channels to engage with the customer in the way they prefer, the data to deliver contextual service, as well as the ability to meet their needs and capture the opportunity without further follow-up or unnecessary delay.

Cost reduction

Implementing UCaaS solutions enables businesses to sidestep the upfront and ongoing costs of purchasing and maintaining an on-premises business communications platform. Cloud-based solutions are always up to date and highly available. They are capable of scaling across teams and geographies fluidly to match headcount, and adapting flexibly to the changing nature of business: offering additional cost savings and future-proofed peace of mind.

Boosted productivity

UCaaS solutions, like Solgari, enable customer-facing teams to make every interaction count and maximise the value of each conversation. Increasingly, the boundaries between internal collaboration and external customer service are collapsing. Solgari for Microsoft Teams combines Solgari’s comprehensive blend of channels, with full-function contact centre functionality, delivered as a native application within the Microsoft Teams platform: extending and enhancing the market’s leading collaboration solution. Factor in the right level of automation, such as IVR or Skills Based Routing, to ensure that every inbound communication gets to the right person as quickly as possible, and the efficiency gains achievable across the organisation quickly stack up into a productivity paradigm shift.

Customer satisfaction

Solgari integrates directly with your existing CRM solution, allowing your employees to locate customer information more efficiently and deliver more effective, contextual and informed customer experiences. This helps to encourage customer retention. By integrating your unified communications solution with your contact centre, you can monitor customer service KPIs such as first-call resolution and customer satisfaction, aiding your unified communications cost benefit analysis and allowing you to clearly measure ROI.

About Solgari

Solgari is an all-channel unified business communication solution designed to deliver swift and seamless communication capabilities no matter where you are based, or what industry you work in. With a range of native integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, Solgari is primed to help develop valuable, lasting customer relationships.

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