The Omni-channel Contact Centre: An Overview

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Contact centres enable businesses to deliver high-quality service and transaction experiences to customers, increase satisfaction and engagement and benefit from an overall increased business performance. Implementing an omni-channel contact centre is an efficient way to guarantee seamless customer experience and the delivery of superior support to customers across any and every interaction.


What is an Omni-channel Contact Center?

Omni-channel communication is an increasingly common technology approach that equips agents with a full complement of communication channels to engage and respond to customers. Voice, SMS, social media – interactions across each channel are unified and synced across the business to improve efficiency and build a holistic view of the full customer relationship: from orders, to promotions, to support enquiries and even complaints. As a cloud-based system, it is an easy way for customers to freely switch between communication channels and tailor their experience to their specific preferences. As a result, this creates a personalised experience which leads to improved customer retention and business profitability.


Multi-channel vs Omni-channel Contact Centre Solutions

Multi-channel and omni-channel contact centres may seem similar on first consideration – but any detailed review will quickly expose the significant differences and the opportunity of omni-channel communication. Whilst both enable customers and businesses to connect across numerous communication channels, multi-channel communication falls short in providing the seamless experience that omni-channel communication delivers.

With a multi-channel contact centre solution, the customer has access to multiple communication channels, but they are not integrated; each channel of communication operates in isolation from one another.

On the other hand, with an omni-channel contact centre solution, the communication channels available to the customer are integrated, allowing a more efficient streamlined service. Regardless of the channel in use, all previous communication and information is synced in real-time.

At Solgari, we go one step further to provide an all-channel contact centre. Our Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution is flexible and scalable, enabling you to integrate all your channels and any API enabled communication channels into one single solution: it bridges voice, video, chat, mobile messaging and social media for crystal-clear calling and compliance-first solutions. Our CCaaS solution will grow with your business; streamlining your communication and guaranteeing to deliver the flawless digital experience and efficient service your customers require.


The Benefits of an All-channel Contact Centre

An all-channel contact centre can provide your business with numerous benefits; notably, integrating multiple digital touchpoints to streamline communication services. To give a better understanding as to how Solgari’s all-channel contact centre can support and aid your business’ growth, we’ve outlined some of the advantages below.


Higher Levels of Customer Enablement

The working world is increasingly digital reliant and customer enablement high is key to success. With an all-channel contact centre, customer enablement can be strengthened via a consistent cross-platform experience that increases the speed and simplicity of interaction between businesses and customers. You can meet and communicate with your clients on their preferred channels which allows for a smoother and swifter delivery of first-call resolution and contact. Our CCaaS solution is the way forward to ensuring exceptional customer experience.


More Scalable and Flexible Business Communications with Target Markets

An all-channel solution provides an increased level of scalability and flexibility to business communications – an improvement on both multichannel and omni-channel services. Additionally, real-time and instant communication is made possible as all channels are available at any time in a scalable, simplified CCaaS environment. You can meet target markets and ensure your customers receive the quick, efficient and flexible communication they require.


Remote Workforce Empowerment

With the shift to the hybrid-working model in the past years, the increase in businesses operating a remote workforce has grown considerably. It is important your business is prepared to continue operations seamlessly even when your workforce is remote. With Solgari’s Cloud Software Suite, you can empower your remote workforce via access to all communication and collaboration functionalities required – all whilst guaranteeing increased efficiency, effectiveness and freedom.


More Personalisation

The synchronicity of communication channels within an omni-channel contact centre allows for a more personalised experience. With greater control, customers can specify their communication preferences, providing the business with the detail required to meet those preferences proactively. Additionally, with a recorded written customer trace and access to conversation history across multiple channels, businesses can adjust their interactions to tailor each specific situation and offer unique experiences to each individual customer.


A Secure All-channel Solution with Solgari

Ready to take control of the conversation? Partner with Solgari, the next step in all-channel communication.

We guarantee a remarkably smooth and fast transition and 24/7 support when implementing our unique all-channel contact centre solution: delight your customers with better service, increase your team’s efficiency and boost your business to near-infinite success. Get in contact to talk to one of our experts and discover how Solgari can support your business.


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