Unified Communications Myths Debunked

unified communications

A unified communications (UC) solution brings all of a company’s internal and external channels into one holistic experience. This enables businesses to create the conditions for better collaboration, streamline their communications, and reduce costs associated with travel, on-site technical support, call management, and more. The benefits of UC have led to it being adopted widely in the business, healthcare, government, research and development, and retail sectors, plus many more.

However, there are still a lot of companies yet to take advantage of the many perks of UC, perhaps because the myths that surround it make it seem like a poor investment.

This blog discusses and debunks UC’s most common myths, so business leaders can make more informed decisions about whether to adopt it.


Unified Communications Myths

Unified Communications Solutions are too Expensive

While a UC solution comes at a cost, businesses should consider it an investment rather than an expense. Good communication is vital for any organisation to succeed. As UC creates the conditions for better communication, it is the perfect tool to help deliver better outcomes and reach goals faster with less friction.

Businesses that generate the best ROI from their unified communications solutions have a clear picture of their goals for UC and the needs they want it to fulfil. This clarity helps them select the best suite for their specific needs.

For instance, a cloud-based unified communication solution will be ideal if you run an SMB and don’t want to invest in a dedicated, on-premise infrastructure.


Softphone delivers better value

Some businesses assume that softphones (Skype, etc.) are the best, lowest cost option for conferencing and communication.

Maybe, but maybe not. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all ‘best option’ for communications solutions.

Softphones may be ideal for small businesses but lack the advanced features, efficiency, and reliability needed to run a mid to large-size company. Additionally, companies need to run softphones on high-performance systems to enable good quality communication at scale. Low-configured systems would face jitters, delays, and memory drainage, ultimately preventing employees from communicating effectively.

The ideal solution in this instance is a UC solution that enables uninterrupted communication with delay-free HD audio and video without a hard-and-fast rule for system requirements.

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Unified Communications is a Uni-Application Solution

Unified communication is not a single-application solution. Rather it is an integrated solution that caters to your specific business needs.

UC is equipped with several solutions for different needs, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, content sharing, and many more. Employees can communicate instantly with a single click, regardless of their distance. Users can also see if their colleagues are available with status badges like ‘available,’ ‘offline,’ or ‘busy.’


Unified Communications Solutions are complex to use and complicated to install

Implementing UC is relatively simple. Of course, you’ll need some planning and coordination. But a good provider will do most of the heavy lifting for you, including configuring your tenancy in the cloud for you, supporting single-sign-on for seamless employee experience, and setting up customer-facing call configuraiton such as Auto Attendant, Call Groups, Call Queues, and Porting Numbers. Most businesses can get up and running on UC in under a month, so it’s a relatively quick process.

Ongoing management and maintenance are easy too. While previously, you may have had to hire an external contractor or employ a dedicated in-house technician to maintain your communications services, networking, and hardware, with UC, your provider takes care of everything.

When it comes to embedding a new technology into your business, although UC may sound complex and technical, it is actually an easier way to use your company phone system. Plus, scaling up and down is fast and straightforward, too – you simply adjust your service by adding new handsets and service plans to your order. No more capital expenditure on new hardware!


Getting the best UC solution for your business  

Creating an environment for seamless communications with a right fit solution that balances cost with effectiveness is vital for the performance of your business.

At Solgari, we take time to understand your business needs before proposing the best fitting solution based on your requirements and budget.

Available in over 40 countries, trusted by hundreds of satisfied businesses, and recognised by Microsoft as a member of the Inner Circle for Business Applications, Solgari is the premiere Unified Comms solution. As both a software company and a regulated telco, Solgari is one solution, one view, and one provider – across all channels, functions, and locations.

Find out more about Solgari’s advanced features, or request a demo to discover how our solutions could give your employees everything they need to communicate frictionlessly and drive up your productivity. 

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