What are Cloud Contact Centre Services?

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If we’ve learned anything in a Cloud-dependant workplace, it’s that the modern business lives and dies by its communications. That’s not only true for your long-distance employees, but the thousands of customers you serve daily, who demand faster, more direct channels to your services. In the modern workplace, comms is king.

Yet not all comms are born equal – and fewer are designed for business-wide compatibility. Be it voice calling, email or direct messaging, it’s difficult to manage each of your channels holistically – causing headaches for you, and your hundreds of customers demanding flexible support.

That’s where a Cloud Contact Centre comes in. 


What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

If a call centre solution helps you handle incoming voice calls, then a Cloud Contact Centre handles your every point of customer contact.

From within a single user interface, you’re able to manage every call, from voice to video; every text, from email to instant messenger. Much like your comms, your Cloud Contact Centre is managed from within the Cloud, so it’s always connected, always available and brings multiple communication channels together.

Yet while your Cloud Contact Centre makes comms solutions so much easier to manage, it also brings remarkable benefits to the core customer experience.


From Corporate to Customer: the Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre

You need your solution to benefit your customers as much as your users, which is why a Cloud Contact Centre is essential for any client or customer-facing industry. Here are just a few of the functions that help your Cloud Contact Centre services shine.

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

CRM Integration

Remember: however you’re contacted, you’re not handling a call, a message or a chat request – you’re handling a customer. A Cloud Contact Centre puts those customers at the heart of all communications with seamless CRM integration. Now, whoever calls, you have instant access to all their previous contact and preferred communication methods. Not only can this help you progress any ongoing queries, it ensures you can direct them personally to the most appropriate channels.



Like any Cloud solution, you’re able to evolve your Cloud Contact Centre service as you see fit. Whether that’s expanding the client base or introducing new channels to your CRM solution, the scale of your Cloud Contact Centre is entirely flexible; and unlike traditional infrastructure, it doesn’t require any additional hardware or resources.


Customer Flexibility 

As we touched upon in our blog The 5 Myths About Customer Service Journeys , customers are much less averse to channel changes than we assume; if anything, clients will adapt to any solution if they’re confident it’ll resolve their issues sooner. When you engage with calls on a client level, you’re not only able to better connect them to more appropriate services, but you’re familiar with all their previous correspondence – and that gives them all the confidence they need to switch.

Vendor Management 

When every one of your channels is consolidated, you never have to manage them in their proprietary software again. More crucially, your billing, invoicing and vendor relationship exists within a single point of contact, creating a fully featured starting point for the strategic evolution of your platform.



Your Cloud Contact Centre handles troves of communication data daily, enabling granular and unified reporting across every channel, contact, data and customer. You not only have a full view of your daily call volumes, costs, conversions and resolutions, but you’re able to gain further insight into your customer’s habits, and suggest solutions that best match their preferences

About Solgari 

Solgari is a Cloud Contact Centre solution for businesses, enabling lightning-fast speed to value and the communication capabilities that modern business require to forge and maintain deep, valuable customer relationships across industries. Available from everywhere and operable from within most renowned CRM solutions, Solgari is the communications freedom you’ve been waiting for.

If you’d like to find out more about Solgari, including its extensive reporting, security and compliance capabilities, why not take a look at our about page here. Or to request a demo of Solgari, why not get in touch with us at the link below?

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