Fine-Tuning Your Contact Center as a Service with Unified Analytics

Every day, your cloud contact centre collects a trove of customer data through voice calls, video, SMS and social media conversations. Your business potentially sits on a goldmine of invaluable customer insight. Yet that data doesn’t organise itself, and a unified analytics solution could mean all the difference between a winning service strategy and terabytes of stagnant data.  

By bringing all of your communication channel data into a single unified platform, you gain significant understanding of your customer’s demands and your business’ strengths. How much could you improve your services if you could identify recurring customer queries? How much faster could the contact centre experience be, if you could predict volume surges or develop best practice based on conversational analysis? How much more personal could the customer experience be, if you knew exactly when to escalate customers from an automated self-service experience to agent-assisted resolution? 

Most importantly, where do you begin?


Know what you want 

There’s no right way of “simplifying data” – it’s entirely interpretive. Your data is only simple if it helps you achieve the outcomes you want, quickly and easily. Decide what those are, and you can start eliminating excess data from your processes. 

It’s a liberating feeling, but it can also feel overwhelming. Raw data isn’t much use on its own, and you might not even be confident that the data you collect can help you reach your business goals. Yet there are ways to bring your data together holistically, as we’ll discover.  


Connect the Dots

When everything is disparate – voice calls, video conferences, social media DMs – it’s harder to build a clearer picture of the customer experience. Worse still, in that situation each of your solutions are likely delivered by different providers; there’s no single or standardised flow of data. 

A Cloud communications solution is invaluable here. Tools such as Solgari integrate seamlessly with your CRM software and blend every communication channel together into an all-channel paradigm. By standardising the data and managing it from a single pane of glass, you can start curating data the way you want, towards the outcomes you need.  

(Watch this short demonstration to see Unified Analytics from Solgari in action)


Be Customer-First

Don’t overlook the importance of your CRM solution. Customer management helps keep you focused on customer needs, rather than overburdened by packets of calling data. A CRM helps you identify where customers go to first for support, what their support journey is, and even what your most in-demand services are. That’s a huge first step towards improving services. 

As we mentioned earlier, having all of your calling data centralised helps you to interpret it more meaningfully. With CRM integration, that means seeing that data as a person – not just another call or email.   


Join the Customer Journey…

Recognising your customers’ recurring pain points, as well as their inbound contact methods, is just the beginning. What if you could pre-empt what the next step of their journey might be? Is there a correlation between where the customer call begins, and where it concludes? Or are there issues that require a journey through multiple different contact points? 
If your a business with multiple departments, the data you collect over time can help you untangle the customer service route. Solutions such as Solgari can even provide the data fuel to help you to automate these findings, mapping the journey on a per-customer basis, in real-time. Pre-empting the customer journey, and aiding them along it seamlessly, goes a long way to making them feel valued.  


…and Economise It

How quickly are your customers moving through your fastest channels? Rather than being a sign of efficiency, this could be an indication that the channel is surplus – or worse, irrelevant. Could you save time and resources with a simpler, more automated contact point? 

Customers aren’t averse to using different contact methods, nor to seeking results through different channels – but they need to see positive results. As such, it’s in the interests of your staff and your callers to direct them to the right place immediately. This will require some human engagement, and your staff may need to enthuse customers towards new contact methods. But the speed of service will quickly endear customers and set a precedent for faster future communications.    


Know Your Support Channels

As with any technical undertaking, you don’t have to tackle your unified analytics alone.  

Solgari is a Cloud-based business communications solution for organisations with demanding, multi-channel needs. Our optional Cloud Contact Centre service helps you make the most of your contact services with real time monitoring & reports across all your comms channels.

If you’d like to find out more about Solgari, including its extensive reporting, analytical and automation capabilities, why not take a look at our About page here. Or to request a demo of Solgari, why not get in touch with us at the link below? 


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