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N1 - Customer Experience

How Solgari Transformed N1’s Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, and Cost Savings with Data-Driven Insights


N1, a leading energy and service company excelling in fuel sales and fast-charging station development, encountered communication hurdles attributed to the uncertainty surrounding their provider, Avaya, which had filed for bankruptcy in the US. In search of a reliable partner to bolster customer engagement solutions within Dynamics 365, N1 opted for Solgari Contact Centre. Their challenges included fragmented communications, hindering efficient customer service provision, and the instability of Avaya’s financial situation necessitated a more dependable solution for their core customer engagement requirements.


N1 engaged Solgari’s Customer Engagement Solution for Dynamics 365 to overcome communication challenges and elevate their customer service capabilities. Solgari seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365, providing comprehensive contact center capabilities such as Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. N1 implemented intelligent skills-based routing to ensure efficient customer direction towards the right personnel for quick issue resolution. Utilizing Solgari Co-Pilot, N1 gained access to conversation summaries and sentiment analysis across all communication channels within Solgari for Dynamics 365


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