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Digital Transformation for Mimaki

Solgari for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams enables swift digital transformation for Mimaki

Business Challenge

Mimaki, a prominent manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for diverse markets, sought to replace its legacy standalone solution. Their goal was to transition from hard phones to a fully cloud-based contact centre, ensuring seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365. Mimaki faced challenges with its legacy system, which limited geographical reach and hardware dependencies. They needed a robust cloud-based solution to unify communication channels, enhance customer service, and accommodate global operations. Additionally, Mimaki required an advanced IVR system capable of identifying alphanumeric product codes through voice or DTMF input, directing calls to the appropriate service agents.

What did we do?


Houa Yang, Remote Support Service Manager at Mimaki, expressed satisfaction with the solution, stating, “We’re using Solgari for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 to provide a single, consistent, joined-up customer experience across all the channels. We’re leveraging the data we hold in Dynamics 365 to provide effective Case Management and Contextual Customer Service.

As a full SaaS solution, configured in Azure and integrated seamlessly into our existing Microsoft investments, The speed at which Solgari configured and launched our solution was incredible – accelerating our speed to value and opening the door to market-leading innovations in AI and Conversational Intelligence.”

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