Prioritizing Generative AI Customer Engagement in the 2024 Product Roadmap

Welcome to the new year edition of the Solgari Newsletter! In this issue, we’ll be discussing how Solgari is prioritizing the use of Generative AI for Customer Engagement in the 2024 Product Roadmap. Our AI Customer Engagement Copilot and other AI features are already available to all our customers, creating an immediate competitive advantage.


Firstly, we would like to wish all our subscribers and readers a happy new year!

We see 2024 as the year when organisations expect to be able to deploy Generative AI to improve their productivity, deliver exceptional customer experiences and start to address any Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on AI’s potential benefits. At the same time, those organisations also need to be confident that they can deploy AI securely and protect the integrity of their data, and address concerns about the transparency & ethics of how AI models make decisions.

At Solgari, as an M365 Certified Contact Centre for Teams solution, these considerations drive our Roadmap and we will use this newsletter to explain how we can help customers adopt AI quickly, pragmatically, and safely, and enjoy the benefits immediately whilst also following a safe and well-structured approach to address the longer-term opportunities which AI promise.

The Competitive Edge for Our Customers

Solgari AI Powered All-Channel Customer Engagement Solution for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 is an ISV application designed to provide a single data view of all customer interactions. This makes the application very ripe ground on which to develop our Customer Engagement Copilot and other AI features using Azure Open AI and Cognitive Services and tools such as Microsoft Copilot and Azure AI Studio which we mentioned in our December newsletter.

This approach has allowed Solgari to immediately provide ‘Table Stakes’ AI Copilot capability to all users with any involvement in customer engagement on Microsoft Teams in particular. And it opens the door to rapidly deliver unlimited creativity through real-time customer feedback within the Customer Engagement Copilot and other features.

This is what we ask of our customers, prospects, and partners to prepare them for the possibilities of Generative AI in Customer Engagement:

Organizations that believe that delivering exceptional customer experience is everyone’s responsibility and will take advantage of AI have the competitive edge. Solgari Copilot makes every employee, using Microsoft Teams, more effective in this mission as it enables them to remain in their flow of work, addressing customer inquiries and collaborating with colleagues, without ever leaving Teams.

ISV Framework approach to using Generative AI

Our approach to infusing Generative AI into our applications and across internal business workflows closely reflects the AI framework presented by Bessemer Venture Partners (‘BVP’) to all software companies which you can see here within BVP State of the Cloud report:

State of the Cloud 2023 – Bessemer Venture Partners (

Focusing on the infusion of Generative AI into ISV applications, BVP’s framework sets out the following approach:

Solgari’s development team has used this framework approach to already deliver on all the following features based on customer demand while also building our roadmap.

  1. Introduction of Solgari Copilot as a feature automatically available today to any user within our customer engagement applications for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365.
  2. Solgari customer engagement applications manage all conversations across any channel as a fully integrated solution built on Microsoft Azure and as native apps within Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, the workflow captures this data within the relevant customer case.
  3. Solgari Copilot is therefore natively available across the entire Microsoft cloud and will present the user sentiment, transcription, conversation summary, next best action and customer translation across voice, SMS and social channels used in the applications and through looking up other relevant data on the data verse.

Long-Term Generative AI and Roadmap Plan

BVP offers the following advice to ISVs who are infusing and integrating AI into their applications which Solgari is currently delivering end-to-end.

Our long-term AI plan continues with the infusion of AI into our applications and internal business tools, with a focus on immediate ‘table stakes’ and creative customer outcomes.

Solgari Copilot is live today and ‘shipped’ with existing Teams and Dynamics 365 customers which you can see in this simple use case:

The feature is available immediately within existing subscription pricing as well as pro and enterprise bundles giving any Teams user in the company access, including customer service, sales, marketing, product specialists and back office. Any employee can be a customer service champion with this application.

It is also seamless to purchase as part of existing Microsoft billing through Microsoft Marketplace and through integrated distribution partner marketplaces including TD SYNNEX, Call Tower, Crayon and Pax8.

The application creates a single view of all customer engagement interactions allowing our customers to build unique data models within the relevant databases. By doing so, we help our customers unlock the full potential of their data, allowing them to make better decisions and drive superior user and customer experiences and more success.

Q1 and Q2 2024 Product Roadmap Highlights

Solgari Copilot for Microsoft Teams and Dynamics

  • Include real-time sentiment across every channel used within the application.
  • Provide users with the next best action and response recommendations.
  • Include customer communications translation across every channel to allow users to respond in their native language.
  • Allow customers without a CRM to use Solgari Copilot for Teams through the introduction of a standalone database as part of the application.
  • Integration with website live chat and chatbot

Other AI and Cognitive Features

  • Predict Customer Behaviour and Capacity Forecasting for high-volume customer engagement scenarios.
  • Voice Activated IVR applications.

To see the full summary of our Q1 and Q2 2024 please review the link below:

Solgari Roadmap 2024.pdf

With this product positioning and current customer outcomes, we are hugely excited about the role AI is playing in shaping the way we aim to make the competitive difference for our customers. If you have feedback or would like to discuss relevant ideas from this newsletter, please feel free to reach out to our Head of Product, Ben Banks, at or Sales at

See the Solgari AI Copilot Customer Engagement Solution for Microsoft Teams in Action: Solgari Copilot for Microsoft Teams: Generative AI Release – YouTube

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