Facilitating Seamless Customer Experiences for Microsoft Users: A Solgari and QGate Discussion

In the most recent instalment of our thought leadership discussion series, Solgari Speaking With…, Joe Leberte sat down with Alastair Jupp, the Managing Director of QGate. A partner of Solgari, QGate helps small to medium-sized organisations optimise their business processes, achieve digital transformation and enhance their customers’ experience through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform.

In this episode of Solgari Speaking With… Joe and Alastair discuss how QGate and Solgari can help businesses enhance the built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and improve the customer experience they offer with integrated communications channels. Read on to discover the key takeaways and how Solgari and QGate’s partnership could help your business.


Enhancing the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer expectations are evolving at a rapid rate. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the core functionality that your business needs when it comes to delivering good customer service, but in order to truly elevate the customer experience you need to be able to bring together multiple channels of communication. These integrated channels are not available out-of-the-box with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Aligning Solgari and QGate allows you to bring many different communications channels to Microsoft Dynamics 365 almost immediately, no matter where you are in your Dynamics journey.


Using data intelligently

Centralising your data and utilising it effectively is the hardest part of using a CRM tool, like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Once you have the right channels feeding into it, your CRM will bring your data together into one place, allowing you to apply your data analysis, personalisation, automation, forecasting and security. However, in order to take advantage of these core benefits, you need to integrate and connect your CRM to relevant data sources and communication channels.

Accurate, relevant data underpins the implementation of a successful customer experience. Many SMEs believe that effective data analysis requires huge monetary investment and is beyond their reach. At Solgari and QGate, we want to help smaller businesses pivot and be flexible with their data, just like larger enterprises. Solgari and QGate plumb voice and digital communication channels directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing agents with the contextual data they need to drive conversations forward, achieve first-call resolution and have immediate impact on the customer, every time.


Seamless multi-channel communications experience

Customers are now expecting to see what they experience in their personal lives reflected in their professional communications. As a result, B2B organisations need to be able to replicate a multi-channel, seamless and personalised communications experience. Optimising your CRM can help with this. Integrating Solgari and QGate into Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow you to use data to inform and improve communication strategies, offering a more personalised experience for clients. Additionally, having a unified view of customer interactions and history will allow you to overlay AI technology to identify deeper trends in the data. This will enable you to predict customer behaviour, anticipate consumer needs and proactively serve your clients, all of which will aid the overall customer experience.


Enhance efficiency

Time is a valuable thing, particularly for SMEs. Solgari and QGate will allow you to achieve the contextual customer and employee experience you are looking for, with simple and seamless management. Your CRM will help to automate sales processes and facilitate self-service capabilities, improving efficiency, saving on costs and enabling a more effective use of resources. QGate then provides a one-stop-shop for your Microsoft CRM, helping to simplify licensing and management. With our help, you can achieve enterprise-level abilities without an enormous financial investment.


Elevate the customer experience today

To discover how Solgari and QGate’s partnership could aid your business’ communications strategy and take your customer experience delivery to the next level, watch our full on-demand webinar now.


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