5 Business Communication Software Mistakes to Avoid

Effective communication, both internal and external, is paramount to the success of any business, driving collaboration, productivity and strong working relationships. In a digitally enabled world, implementing the right business communication software is foundational to achieving these benefits. However, with so many options on the market, choosing the right software can be challenging, and implementing is all too often another source of unwanted cost, complexity and risk.

To help you avoid roadblocks, stunted productivity and inefficiency, we have collated five of the most common business communication software mistakes that you need to avoid.


1. Not prioritising contextual customer service

Context is key to effective communication with customers. Customers rarely communicate solely with one contact within a business or by using only one channel. Therefore, to deliver effective service, you need to break down internal silos within your organisation and ensure that information is shared across departments. If your business communication software cannot support contextual customer service, then customers will be forced to waste time repeating their needs to different agents. This will negatively impact the experience clients have with your organisation.

Solgari is a full-function, all-channel contact centre solution that unifies your business’ communication channels, including Voice, Video, Chat, SMS and social media. As all communication channels are brought together in one centralised portal, any customer service agent can pick up a ticket and have provide effective, contextual customer service.


2. Accepting inefficient communication

When you need to contact someone, you don’t want to be kept waiting – and the same is true for your customers. Your business communication software needs to support efficient communication with both internal and external players, or else you will hinder productivity. Solgari allows you to switch between channels quickly and easily and automate bulk communications when needed, speeding up the process of connecting with clients and colleagues.


3. Lack of integration

When implementing a new business communication software, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the effectiveness of any existing tools. To see the best results, your software should complement and enhance the tools and solutions you are already using, including your CRM or Case Management platform, and any internal collaboration solutions including Microsoft Teams. Ideally, your business communication software should serve as a digital hub, bringing together essential elements from across your organisation.

For instance, Solgari integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM solution, delivering an all-channel communication endpoint directly into your CRM screen. This enables you to connect with clients via any channel without ever leaving the CRM window, achieving higher speed to value.


4. Falling short of compliance requirements

Your customer and employee data needs to be properly protected, including any data compiled through their communications. In specific industries such as Financial Services or Healthcare, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate the ways in which you securely and compliantly record and archive all-channel communications. If your business communication software is not compliant with regulatory requirements, then your business could face significant legal and financial repercussions. Compliance is particularly important for businesses operating in highly regulated and data sensitive industries. Fortunately, Solgari is built for compliance, abiding by key data and security regulations including GDPR, PCI DSS MiFID II and more.


5. Not measuring success

How will you know if your communication solution is effective if you are not tracking and measuring outcomes? If you are not monitoring key metrics and KPIs, you risk overlooking significant problems with your business communication software. Solgari is equipped with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities which allow you to gain a deep view into your communications across channels and generate real-time, in-depth reports to track your successes and help you implement any necessary improvements.


Ready to embrace communications success?

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