Solgari announces deeper product collaboration across Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

solgari and Microsoft collaboration

Builds on close commercial and technical integration as part of Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Program

Dublin, Seattle –  19th January 2021 – Solgari announced today deeper Microsoft product integration across in-demand customer requirements within both Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and Solgari All-Channel Cloud Communications for Dynamics 365. Solgari became a Premium Tier Partner in the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Program in January 2020, and subsequently was awarded with membership of the Inner Circle for Business Applications 2020/2021 in July.   

Solgari is the first all-channel cloud communications ISV solution that is available with zero-touch set up in Dynamics 365, delivering voice, video, chat, SMS, and social media customer channels on top of integrated contact center, compliant recording and archiving, and analytics and reporting utilities. Today, the solution is used by customers in over 40 countries, including recent co-sell wins with Microsoft as part of the Business Applications ISV Connect Program (Premium Tier) in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, and South Africa across financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, and education.   

This success has opened other solution opportunities between the companies with this collaboration focused on the following product areas.  

Leveraging Microsoft Channel Integration Framework v1 and v2 – Solgari All-Channel Solution for Dynamics 365 is available across all Dynamics 365 Unified Communications Apps using either Channel Integration Framework V1 or V2 and is already used by companies in several verticals to run heavy customer care, sales, and contact tracing requirements.  

Supporting Microsoft Dynamics conversation intelligence solutions – Solgari is working to allow customer conversations to be presented to Dynamics 365 analytics tools to accelerate continued innovation across the conversation intelligence capabilities already in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customers.

Producing automated phone surveys for Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – This joint solution will allow Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers to convert Dynamics 365 Customer Voice surveys to phone surveys, using text-to-speech to ask question and write spoken responses back to Dynamics 365. Solgari will also work with Microsoft to establish a scalable joint architecture in response to the demand for customer feedback management and process automation solutions.

“Our vision of allowing our customers have any conversation they want, live or automated, has many applications across Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and the Power Platform,” said Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari. “Allowing our customers to use their communications data and our conversational capability within Microsoft conversational intelligence and Customer Voice is an obvious and exciting next step .” 

“Microsoft has a clear strategy of working closely, both commercially and technically, with our leading ISV partners such as Solgari,” added Toby Bowers, General Manager, Business Applications Group, at Microsoft Corp. “This is a great opportunity for Microsoft and Solgari to work even more closely in the development of conversational intelligence and Customer Voice applications, which are in huge demand across customer engagement.”

About Solgari 

Solgari is a  Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Partner and also a Business Applications Inner Circle Partner, providing a Full Stack Cloud Communications and Contact Center solution for Dynamics 365 customers. The All-Channel Solution for Dynamics 365  is used by companies in 40 countries to date with demanding, secure, and multi-channel needs. It helps companies,  to increase efficiencies, meet all related compliance requirements, and to delight customers wishing to engage ion their preferred communications channel.

The solution is provided via three pillars including: Solgari Converse  providing all communications channels; Solgari Automate providing automation across voice and SMS; and Solgari Console  providing all the utilities required to run your communications.

If you are interested in Solgari customer outcomes, please review the application on Microsoft AppSource All-Channel Solution for Dynamics 365.


For additional information:
Vance Harris – CTO, Solgari 
US: +1 855 304 0022 (x 304) 

Rob Hennelly – Head of Product Marketing
US: +1 855 304 0022 (x 307) 

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