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Strabag - Customer Experience

Leading provider of property and industrial services

Client Overview

STRABAG Property and Facility Services (STRABAG PFS) stands out as a leading provider of property and industrial services, offering comprehensive solutions with a high level of vertical integration across the technical, infrastructural, and commercial management spectrum for full locations and entire portfolios.

STRABAG PFS embarked on a journey to establish their communication infrastructure, starting small with a team of 5 agents but with ambitious plans for rapid expansion. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) was paramount, specifically focusing on telephony and contact center functionality.

Solgari's Solution

Solgari implemented their Customer Engagement Solution for Dynamics 365for STRABAG PFS, with a primary focus on delivering telephony and contact center capabilities. Recognizing the client’s future growth plans, the solution was designed to be scalable, allowing the addition of further communication channels and or generative AI CoPilot. 

The successful implementation of Solgari’s solution resulted in the realization of the agent and customer experience STRABAG PFS aspired to achieve. The D3365 Solution ensured a streamlined and efficient communication process, aligning with the client’s organizational goals.

Marketplace Success

The opportunity to collaborate with STRABAG PFS came through Microsoft’s AppSource, demonstrating the effectiveness of utilizing the marketplace to find the right solution for large enterprises. The partnership with Microsoft played a pivotal role in expediting the decision-making process and ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Trial Success and Competitive Edge

To secure the opportunity, Solgari and STRABAG PFS conducted a 2-week trial that showcased the desired features and functionalities. The close working relationship, coupled with Solgari’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness, positioned them favorably against competitors like Genesys, with its 20-user minimum requirement. Winning this initial deal set the stage for future growth and expansion within the large organization.

Key Success Factors

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