Taking the pain away from mid-call Consults in Healthcare & Dental

Thanks to the constant march of digital transformation, patients are increasingly expecting that healthcare providers serve their needs in a digitalised, convenient manner. In fact, 81% of healthcare executives say the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating, and 93% report that they are innovating with a sense of urgency and call to action this year, according to the Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2021 report.

In response to this demand, Solgari is empowering companies in the Healthcare industry to provide their patients with improved services such as patient scheduling, prescription ordering, appointment reminding and online consultation. Our All-Channel Communications Solution arms healthcare providers with ACD (Automated Call Distribution) and Internal Consult features, which can vastly improve their patient scheduling capabilities and overall experience.

The use case follows a patients’ experience as they seek to schedule an urgent appointment to deal with acute tooth pain. Starting with their phone call to the provider’s contact center, the patient selects the service they require and is quickly and automatically routed to the relevant live agent. Having gained the required detail, the agent then uses live chat, mid-call, to consult with a colleague and confirm surgery availability and later returns to the call to corroborate the booking details.

There will always be occasions when Agents do not have every item of detail required to deliver the requested service. Solgari’s 3-way consult features smooth out these gaps by enabling collaborative problem solving to deliver the customer or patients’ optimum outcome. Combined with our continuous innovation in areas including Microsoft Teams, across Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and many other industries, Solgari is enabling the firms we work with to take the pain away from Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.














Solgari announces latest Collaboration Capability


Solgari develops Cloud Business Communications platform with further Messaging, Collaboration & Mobility capability


25th June 2015

Solgari is today announcing a number of innovative messaging & collaboration features which are available through our integrated Cloud Business Communications services. These modern communication capabilities are part of our core strategy of being available to provide all telephony, collaboration, contact centre & voice carrier services globally through an integrated cloud software platform.

Our Cloud Business Telephony & Collaboration service module, used by corporate and government customers across multiple locations and devices world-wide, now provides all the following features to drive even simpler, cost effective and productive communications:


Video Conferencing:

Screen Sharing:

Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari, commented “the development of these integrated messaging and collaboration enhancements to our core offering is driven by strong customer demand for simple, cost effective cloud business communication solutions which are also available across all mobile devices. Our Cloud Telephony and Collaboration service subscription now includes telephony, voice, chat, video & call conferencing as well as screen sharing. As a result our customers are improving efficiencies and facilitating more efficient workforce mobility by accessing all their business communications requirements through a single cloud solution. ”

About Solgari

Solgari has developed the technology, network and partnerships to deliver the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications solution. No boxes, no licenses, no software upgrades, no capital expenditure. We are unique. Solgari is a licensed telco, integrated with a scalable and modular cloud software platform, providing every service from Cloud PBX up to the most intelligent Contact Centre, with call encryption and meeting FCA, SEC, Central Bank and PCI DSS Compliance. Our customers can pick and choose the services required, where and when through a subscription based model.

For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about Solgari’s solutions at www.solgari.com

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