Automated business comms for retail and eCommerce

On Friday 25th June, the Solgari team were delighted to present on the power of automation in retail for our good friends at Power Community and their community of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, enthusiasts, and evangelists.

The impact of COVID-19 on the Retail and Manufacturing industries, among others, has been hugely significant, with businesses forced to move online to meet the twin challenges of continuing to serve customer needs and safeguarding revenue streams.

We were able to showcase the way in which Solgari’s all-channel communication solution is enabling businesses in these industries to perform effective, engaging and efficient Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions across Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, Social Media, WeChat – as well as our recently-announced WhatsApp capability within the Solgari Converse endpoint.

Agent contacts Customer to initiate tyre order

Customers are now expecting this level of digitally-enabled detail in their buying experiences. Solgari enables firms to layer powerful  automation capabilities into each conversation:  enhanced with voice and SMS customer surveys, compliant customer data storage, PCI DSS-compliant payment processing and much more. With Solgari Converse, Retail customers can seamlessly escalate across from automated channels to a live SMS, video, voice or WhatsApp conversation with live agents.

Order is processed and the customer receives an automated SMS confirmation

This use case only just scratches the surface with regard to the opportunity of layering automation into business communications. Delivery notices 24 hours prior to completion, for example, can provide customers with the chance to ensure they are at home at the specified time, or opt for an in-store pick-up or re-scheduling – all combining to improve fulfillment rates and minimize mis-allocation of logistics time, effort and cost.

Solgari Converse + WhatsApp

Combined with the opportunity of layering automation into these businesses’ communications, the resulting solution ensures that firms can capture opportunity when it appears, generate new business in these trying circumstances, and deliver on customer expectations anywhere in the world.

Solgari is working with companies in several industries to prepare them for the surge in demand for automation such as Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Non-Profit and Real Estate.

For more information, or to discuss the potential of automated communications for your industry, don’t hesitate to contact:

Solgari announces WhatsApp integration into its All-Channel Communication solution.

25th May 2021 – Solgari, Microsoft Premium Tier Business Applications ISV Connect Partner and the provider of the Dynamics 365 All Channel Communications Solution, announces a product release which enables organizations to leverage WhatsApp as part of their Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Automated communication channels.

WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular messaging app, with over two billion active monthly users and is used in over 180 countries every day. With the WhatsApp Business solution, it’s easier for companies to engage in two-way conversations and personalized interactions.

Solgari’s WhatsApp channel capability allows organizations to use WhatsApp Business Solution as another channel inside our Solgari Converse endpoint. Organizations with an existing WhatsApp business account can seamlessly add this channel, with a brilliant user experience for the agent inside Dynamics 365, or on Solgari Converse in your browser.


WhatsApp Interface

See Solgari for WhatsApp in action

Agents can seamlessly switch from WhatsApp messaging to voice while also having all other channels available including voice, chat, SMS, video and other 3rd party channels as required. The solution completes a company’s entire business communications requirement including customer service, sales, marketing campaigns, and business process automation.

Speaking about the update Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari said – Solgari’s All-Channel solution is designed to make it easy for customers to choose what channel they want to use, and we have now made WhatsApp available for customer service and conversations alongside all the other channels as a fully integrated solution.”

Alex Grant, Founder at Travel Curious added – “Our customers are increasingly selecting to engage with us across WhatsApp – on the move, wherever there are, via their mobile device. Being able to integrate this channel into our existing communications estate from Solgari keeps us close to these customers, enables us to contact and communicate with them according to their preferences, and results in a better experience for both our customers and our agents. It’s a big part of future-proofing our contact center operations, and we’re very happy with the results.”

For more information please contact:

Louis Dore– Americas

Dan Bozesan – UK & EMEA

Paul Mulvenna – APAC

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