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Financial Services - Hastings Insurance

Consolidating Customer Communications and Meeting Compliance

Business Challenge

Hastings Insurance, a prominent Irish brokerage, stands out in the industry by offering a diverse range of insurance and planning services to both businesses and consumers. 

Expanding rapidly through several acquisitions, the company faced a major challenge through the inheritance of multiple customer communication systems across multiple offices and home workers that created customer engagement silos and risks around managing GDPR.  

What did we do?

Business Outcomes


At Hastings, we needed to be able to communicate with our customers via several channels yet ensure we could manage this customer data in a GDPR, PCI DSS compliant manner. Solgari’s cloud platform allows us to engage with customers via a full suite of channels while automatically addressing compliance needs, helping us to cut costs and improve business performance.
Enda Mulchrone, General Manager at Hastings Insurance Broker 

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