How a Cloud Telephony System Can Minimise Communications Issues

In today’s global business world, ease of communication is imperative to the success of all organisations. However achieving this when organisations have offices and employees in multiple locations right throughout the globe can prove quite a challenge. Older legacy systems don’t cut it anymore in today’s environment. Call quality is not always what it should be and the cost of these calls are extremely high for international calls. Businesses require crystal clear call quality and more flexibility from their phone systems which ultimately helps them minimise their overall communication issues.

A Cloud Telephony System can effectively minimise a number of key communication issues for global enterprises:

Issue 1: The ability to share a specific number of external lines

In essence when a company implements a cloud telephony solution, they are basically implementing a private phone network that works over the internet. All users are placed on a single global cloud-based service. This sort of system allows users to share a specific number of external lines when making calls. This alleviates the problem of other people jumping on already occupied lines, which may cause disturbances.

Issue 2: Conference calls

A cloud telephony system allows companies the opportunity to make group phone calls anywhere in the world and invite any other employees, prospects or stakeholders to join that conversation. There’s no need to discover which online conferencing tool employees or prospects have downloaded in order to try facilitate a conference call. Simply send the link and password to join a conference call via your cloud telephony system to get started.

Issue 3: Remote access

The ability for employees to conduct work from home or other on the go is very difficult with older legacy PBX systems. Cloud telephony systems however, offer the ability to communicate and work remotely from anywhere on the globe as long as you have an internet connection. With Solgari’s cloud telephony solution, the internet connection required to enjoy seamless communications is minimal.

Issue 4: Ability to scale up

Global organisations need to be able to scale their communications services as the need arises in order to stay competitive. Legacy systems can hold a company back from achieving maximum growth by hindering such communications scalability. Cloud telephony systems on the other hand, enables an organisation to add and drop services as required as well as enjoying ongoing updates which further strengthen the effectiveness of business communications.

Issue 5: Call recording

With increasing regulatory requirements around the area of call recording, many businesses are finding that their legacy systems are no longer enabling them to meet compliance. Cloud telephony systems enable crystal clear, military secure, call recording which can meet even strict financial services regulatory compliance and PCI DSS regulations.

Are you interested in transforming your communications?

Cloud telephony systems can minimise many of the communication issues associated with older systems. Not only can such a system ease these communication issues but it can also offer up to 80% in cost savings for organisations.

With Solgari’s cloud telephony solution, global enterprises can significantly strengthen business communications, streamline operations and significantly cut costs. Get in touch with our team to explore how your organisation can benefit from cloud telephony and to demo our solution.