How Cloud Communications is Making Businesses More Agile

When, where and how the working world operates is changing fast, with people increasingly performing work and connecting with colleagues and customers outside typical workspace and office hours. Organisations are becoming more international and multinational, and offering both a greater global and local service can be achieved with one person and an internet connection.

Traditionally the idea of “agility” may have made for a good organizational goal or performance metric—today it’s an integral trait of successful companies.

agility n. 1. Ability to move quickly and easily, 2. Ability to think and make decisions quickly

Larger organisations are reassessing their needs and capabilities when it comes to being agile, mobile and innovative. They’re discovering that communication is key in this new, quick-paced world. Luckily the solution that offers the mobility, reliability and performance needed is also easy to implement, saves money and scales effortlessly: cloud communications.

Embedded Collaboration

Cloud communications software like Solgari offer seamless access to collaboration tools like voice and video conferencing, one-click meeting scheduling, instant messaging, desktop and document sharing and more, all within the same system.

Effortless Scalability

Whether you’re adding a new employee or a whole new regional team, your cloud communications solution can accommodate new users rapidly and seamlessly. All they need is a compatible device and an internet connection, no matter where in the world they are.

Flexible Growth

Cloud communications solutions include features and functionalities that can be turned on or off as needed, with no need for additional hardware or installation. If business development suddenly requires call archiving, this functionality can be added in an instant.

Integrated Applications

Cloud communications solutions includes all the usual communications tools, such as call forwarding and transfers, voice conferencing, messaging, auto attendant and call redirection, and offers advanced applications like click-to-call, interactive voice response, call archiving, skill-based routing, CRM integration and much more—all on a single, simple system.

Instant Connection

Make and receive calls and conduct on-the-fly meetings from any connected device, anywhere in the world. Plus, the Solgari cloud communications platform includes a click-to-call WebRTC functionality that lets customers click a link on any webpage to instantly initiate a call over the browser at no cost with your sales, service or customer care teams.

Reduced Costs

Consolidated cloud-based communications help minimise costs by virtually eliminating the need for traditional hardware like desktop phones and exchange boxes, and by offering dramatically reduced call rates.

Improved Performance

Cloud communications solutions help employees to perform better and achieve more, by offering reliable call quality, anywhere access and integrated features that keep employees connected to and informed of customers and each other.

Better Security

The Solgari cloud communications platform can automatically delete a customer’s credit card number from the call, log and handle payments, or use voice verification to confirm a customer’s identity, or record a call to preserve important information. Heightened, military grade, security is built into the system, ready to improve both service and compliance.

Precisely how the format and capabilities of cloud communications solutions will improve the agility of your organisation is for you to determine; however, it’s clear that the potential benefits are worth careful consideration by any organisation, regardless of location or operation. Talk to the team at Solgari to learn how our cloud communications platform can improve the agility of your organisation.

How Cloud Telephony Helps Companies to Grow Faster

Over the past 2-3 years, the number of companies making the switch to cloud telephony platforms has accelerated. Research conducted by Frost & Sullivan found that cloud-based telephony and communications deployments are on the rise in the U.S. and Europe.

More than half of the businesses surveyed by Frost & Sullivan had already moved 50% or more of their communications requirements to the cloud. However, the motivation behind a companies’ decision to move their communications to the cloud is not entirely base cost driven.

Moving cloud communications is actively helping companies to grow faster and gain competitive advantage in their respective markets. It enables increased control and scalability of communications, the ability to deliver superior customer service and a healthier cash flow. Cloud telephony platforms not only supports but serves to drive company growth.

  1. Increased Control

The key challenge that many growing companies have faced with business phone systems is a lack of control. The traditional telephony approach is becoming increasingly outdated. The lack of control that it allows can hinder your company’s progress. There is a heavy reliance on your traditional phone supplier for technical support during premises or office relocation and personnel changes. There can be extensive waiting periods for engineers to arrive on site to update the physical equipment.

With cloud telephony solutions, you are in complete control of your communications systems. Cloud telephony platforms can help your company to grow faster by minimising missed revenue opportunities. Maintenance or trouble-shooting issues will not result in a lengthy disturbance to business operations. Even if your company experiences a network or power outage at your place of business, all calls can simply and quickly be rerouted to another device or location.

  1. Superior Client Communication

Customer interactions take place at multiple touch points, including the business website, social media pages, and strategic systems like CRM’s. Moving to a cloud telephony service allows telephony systems to work as part of a unified communications strategy. In turn you can communicate more effectively with your customers.

Companies co-join their websites and phone systems by using WebRTC (web real time communications). This allows interested parties to call the company from the website, with a single click. The company then has the option of routing this call to the most appropriate personnel within the business. This saves employees valuable time and provides a faster client contact experience.

Cloud telephony platforms allow you to pick up calls from wherever you are across the globe. It provides SME’s with access to features usually only accustomed to large scale businesses, allowing you to deliver a superior level of service to your customers.

  1. Healthier Cash Flow

Many businesses operate more than one site, often in more than one country. With legacy telephony systems, this would mean maintaining multiple phone systems and contracts. With cloud telephony however, you operate one system across multiple locations, with just one recurring payment to one provider.

Solgari customers save up to 40% on communication costs by moving to our cloud telephony solution, releasing even more cash flow which can be invested in other areas to help the company grow and develop faster.

  1. Scalability

Cloud telephony grows with your business. A cloud telephony platform can be scaled to your specific needs and requirements. You don’t need to pay for more than what you need and will use. If you believe your business needs to expand further at a later date, you can quickly and easily add on extensions and other features. This level of scalability can also be beneficial if you decide to streamline your business and need to scale back usage.

For more information on transitioning from on-premise systems to cloud telephony, feel free to get in touch with the expert Solgari team or read our previous posts.