Why Cloud Telephony & CRM’s Make a Powerful Partnership

At the heart of every successful sales team is a powerful CRM system. Integrated into the very backbone of business operations, companies rely heavily on their CRM system. The CRM plays a pivotal role in strengthening business relationships with customers, successfully retaining customers and driving sales growth. However, you may have a powerful CRM system in place, but do you have the engine to drive it? The impact of integrating a CRM system with a cloud based telephony solution for businesses with heavy customer interaction can be transformative.

Accelerated customer service levels

Where a CRM is integrated with a cloud based telephony solution, the details of the person calling will appear instantly via a screen pop-up if the relevant data is stored in the CRM. This enables the sales team to immediately deliver a more personalised customer experience. Sales teams can even switch to video calls from voice calls by using WebRTC collaboration functionality. The ability to switch from voice, to video and to messaging leaves a powerful impression.

The intelligent call routing ensures a quicker client response time, a result sure to increase customer satisfaction. The integrated call archiving and recording functionality facilitates efficient employee performance tracking and customer feedback. This monitoring serves as an important incentive for sales teams to deliver superior customer service.

Productivity soars to new heights

With click to dial functionality, your sales team can automatically dial phone numbers from prospect and customer details stored in your CRM.  The ‘caller ID lookup’ functionality within your cloud based telephony solution uses CRM data to ensure calls are intelligently routed to the correct agent.

As a result, the need to manually search for customer data and populate lead data is eliminated. Notes can be created instantly with the CRM as the call is ongoing and all related telephony data is available through an embedded link in the CRM back in the Cloud Telephony software administration portal. Errors are reduced and sales staff can make the best use of their time. Sales people ultimately spend more time selling and less time calling.

Missed opportunities become a thing of the past

A call missed is a sales opportunity lost. By integrating a cloud based telephony solution with your CRM, you can guarantee that unanswered calls do not equate to a missed opportunity. Outside of office hours or during busy periods, your cloud based telephony software will record missed call data. The cloud telephony solution will have all this data available in the administration portal which is easily accessed through the CRM system.

The extensive capabilities of the integrated full call log reporting ensures unanswered calls do not lead to lost business. Closing the gap on missed calls and missed sales opportunities can lead directly to increased profitability.

Meeting compliance isn’t complicated

In industries such as financial services and banking, there are strict compliance regulations enforcing transparency in client communications. By integrating a cloud telephony solution with your CRM, companies can ensure that they remain regulatory compliant. The call archiving functionality, call encryption and IVR applications safeguard customer data. They enable companies to easily meet key compliance requirements such as PCI DSS standards and other regulations from governing bodies such as SEC and FCA.

CRM’s and Cloud Telephony – Powering Profitability

Unifying your CRM with an innovative cloud telephony solution creates an almighty alliance. It forges a powerful partnership that enables quicker, smarter, more effective sales and marketing. This simple, straight forward integration can hold the key to unlocking profitable growth and streamlining business operations.

Interested in partnering your CRM with a powerful cloud telephony solution that is available globally? We’ve integrated our cloud based telephony software with many mainstream and industry vertical CRM vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, Sage CRM and Bullhorn. Talk to us today to find out how integrating your CRM with the Solgari platform can better the sales and marketing performance of your company.

“We had 19 different phone systems serving 600 people in 19 offices. Now we have one cloud telephony solution and a whole lot more. Communications and our Bullhorn CRM platform now work as one. Solgari is a hugely comprehensive offering, it’s been fantastic for us”

Don Ryan, Group IT Director, Morgan McKinley