Embracing Cloud Telephony Empowers SME Success

Cloud telephony solutions have revolutionised business communications for large enterprises and organisations. The cloud has enabled such organisations to seamlessly and more cost-effectively connect and communicate with their customers and suppliers. However, the number of SME’s on-boarding cloud telephony solutions has slowly started to overtake that of larger enterprises and organisations. Why so?

While SME’s were initially reluctant to embrace cloud technology, it is now widely recognised that embracing new technologies is key to business growth and innovation. Cloud telephony is here to stay and the faster that SME’s on-board, the faster they can start to realise a number of significant benefits.

  1. No need for support & maintenance contracts

The majority of SME’s do not have a dedicated IT department. This means that if they run into issues with their legacy based system, they will need to have ongoing separate maintenance and support contracts in place, to ensure that they can secure a fix to any issues with their legacy phone systems and avoid significant down time.

A cloud telephony provider like Solgari however, assumes complete responsibility for the implementation, maintenance and support of our cloud telephony solution. Maintenance and support is included as standard as part of your monthly subscription fees.

  1. Futuristic flexibility

The challenge presented by legacy telephony systems for SME’s is that they are effectively trapped in their existing infrastructures. It can be extremely difficult and costly to upgrade or move forward.  Cloud telephony, on the other hand, offers the scalability and flexibility to grow with your business. You only pay for what you need and can scale up or down as required. Cloud telephony systems are highly mobile so the need to move office premises or deploy in an additional location won’t lead to significant communication issues. SMEs are able to grow faster and scale up without having to worry about infrastructure or hardware.

  1. Benefitting the bottom line

A move to cloud based telephony results in a rapid ROI for SME’s, by reducing call costs, removing support contracts and requiring no upfront investment. Solgari customers have reported up to 50% cost savings within 6 months of implementation compared to their traditional telephony systems. Such costs savings can have a monumental impact on the bottom line of SME’s and free up critical cash flow to invest in business growth. With no requirement for an upfront investment to move to the cloud, embracing cloud technology presents little financial risk to an SME.

  1. Enterprise level features improve efficiency & control

SME’s require a telephony solution that is affordable yet can streamline business operations and empower greater efficiency. The enterprise level features that cloud telephony platforms offer SME’s can help to greatly increase the efficiency of call handling as well as enabling remote access and empowering more detailed business performance insights.

Ready to embrace the cloud?

Cloud telephony enables SME’s to reduce spiralling telecommunications costs and actively support your business growth. Want to learn how Solgari’s cloud telephony platform can directly benefit your business? Contact the Solgari team to arrange an exploratory conversation today.