Solgari & IBIZ Consulting Services announce Asia Pacific partnership to bring Compliant, Omni-Channel Cloud Communication services to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers


Consumer demand for digital transformation in Asia Pacific is driving more companies to cloud based business solutions

SINGAPORE/LONDON – 6th June 2018Solgari, the global provider of compliant, integrated omni-channel cloud communications services and IBIZ Consulting Services, a leading global Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, today announced their partnership to bring Solgari services to multiple Microsoft customers in Asia Pacific on the road to digital transformation.

Solgari provides our customers in 34 countries to date all the digital communication channels – including voice, WebRTC video, chat, IM & SMS – in the cloud, while automatically addressing local and international compliance requirements through a per user per month SaaS model.

As a Microsoft ISV, Solgari partners with the major global Dynamics 365 partners who are developing customer solutions on Microsoft’s industry leading cloud products. IBIZ Consulting Services has a presence and tremendous track record across the key markets in Asia Pacific and multiple customers in industry verticals such as Financial Services & Retail who are embracing cloud services to create a competitive advantage.

Opportunity in Asia Pacific:

The use of modern communication channels by consumers across Asia Pacific, such as chat and video, challenges companies to develop digital solutions that allow consumers choose whatever communication channel they prefer.

The integration between Dynamics 365 and Solgari offers these companies a solution that offers all the end to end digital communications, compliance, business intelligence and big data needs in the cloud.

As the adoption of Dynamics 365 continues to grow at over 75% quarter on quarter, unique applications such as Solgari add high value add to those customers committed to creating competitive advantages on Microsoft’s cloud.

Benefits of Solgari integrated with Dynamics 365:

Rajendra Ramchandra Dixit, head of Partner Alliances at IBIZ Consulting Services remarked “we noticed Solgari was already active in Singapore with customers in the FinTech and Financial Services area which is a core vertical for IBIZ Consulting Services. Once we were able to meet the team and view their cloud platform, we quickly concluded there is significant sales growth potential between both of our companies. Our team is looking forward to introducing Solgari to our Microsoft customers and prospects who are focused on transforming their communication capability with their customers.”

John Colgan, CEO at Solgari added, “Partnering with IBIZ Consulting Services is a tremendous step forward for us in Asia Pacific. The demand for digital transformation through integrated, omni-channel cloud communications within key markets such as Singapore is moving quickly.  We have an outstanding opportunity to work with the team at IBIZ Consulting Services to access this demand which is also moving rapidly to Microsoft Dynamics 365.“

Solgari’s services are available for a 2 weeks free trial at or please contact for more information or a demo.

About IBIZ Consulting Services

 IBIZ Consulting Services is a leading consulting firm that specializes in delivering Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions to help businesses stimulate sustainability and growth. We support your business expansion and create competitive advantage through the enablement of IT productivity tools. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Asia, we have decade of experiences in business consultancy, solution design and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, Portal, BI and Mobility.

We work with growing businesses across industries especially those in manufacturing, engineering, retailing, healthcare, and wholesale distribution sector. Building on a decade of industry experience and domain expertise, our vertical solutions are developed to meet your business requirements. We apply domain knowledge to develop end-to-end business management solutions, utilizing powerful technologies and platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM, SharePoint, .NET, etc.

Our outstanding performance has won us several prestigious awards including the Microsoft’s Inner Circle award, Microsoft’s President’s Club awards and Microsoft’s Partner of the Year awards over the years, giving you the assurance that we can be your trusted partner.

IBIZ Consulting Services Contacts

Rajendra Ramchandra Dixit – Head of Partner Alliances

+65 90865769

About Solgari

Solgari provides Compliant & Integrated Omni-Channel Cloud Communication Services to FinTech, Financial Services, eCommerce, Retail, Logistics, Recruitment & Government customers in 34 countries to date.

Solgari’s integrated cloud software service provides all the digital business communication channels – voice, video, chat, IM & SMS – while also including GDPR, PCI DSS & MiFID II compliant recording & archiving of all communications.

Customers can access all business communications & related compliance requirements regardless of location on a per user per month SaaS model while removing or avoiding the cost & complexity of legacy technology solutions.

For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about Solgari’s solutions at Solgari or simply review this 2 minutes video The Digital Race

Solgari Contacts

Paul Mulvenna – Asia Pacific Business Development Director

Hong Kong +852 3008 5699 ext 316

Singapore +65 3159 0425 ext 316

Australia +61 1800 728 103 ext 316

Emily Hallinan – Public Relations

+44 (0)20 7403 6900

Solgari partners with ER Information Systems to bring cloud communications to its SME customers


ER Information Systems adds Solgari’s cloud telephony and business communications software service to its product portfolio


London – September 20, 2016 Solgari, the global provider of the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications software solution, has today announced its partnership with ER Information Systems, an IT and cloud computing support specialist. The partnership will enable ER Information Systems to provide its customers with a product portfolio that includes a complete end-to-end cloud telephony service.

Solgari provides ER Information Systems with a global Voice over IP (VoIP) and business communications technology that provides its small and medium enterprise (SME) customers with a seamless service, covering all requirements, wherever they are – something that is particularly important for those with multiple sites and a growing number of remote workers. Solgari provides all telephony services through an integrated cloud software platform that requires no on-site maintenance, resulting in substantial cost savings.

“Solgari is a great addition to our product portfolio,” said Andy Knap, director at ER Information Systems. “The majority of our customers are small and increasingly require a cost-effective solution that enables them to stay connected however or wherever they choose to work. Solgari’s technology is exactly what SMEs are looking for – it is reliable, scalable and much easier on the purse strings than traditional telephony systems.

Knap continued: “Solgari stands out from the crowd. While there are a lot of companies in the cloud communications space, few can offer global presence and all the services with the ability to liaise with local telecommunications companies in each country. We are confident that our customers will see many benefits when using Solgari’s technology.”

ER Information Systems provides its clients, who are largely in the professional services sector, with cloud computing and IT support and consultancy. Solgari is the only global cloud business communications company that delivers business telephony, call and WebRTC video conferencing, desktop sharing, contact centre, IVR, call archiving, call encryption, PCI DSS compliance and carrier requirements through one integrated software platform.
“We are extremely happy to be partnering with ER Information Systems,” said Sheelagh Hawkins, director of channel, partnerships & alliances at Solgari. “Our VoIP and cloud telephony solutions are perfect for small and medium businesses who don’t have the skills, time or money to invest in traditional communications technology. We complement ER Information Systems’ product portfolio well and look forward to helping its European customers overcome their communications challenges as they grow.”

About ER Information Systems

ER Information Systems offers high quality IT consultancy, hosting and support services to small and medium-sized companies. A huge emphasis is placed on high levels of service and delivering best practice. ER Information Systems engages with clients at all levels – helping business owners define strategy and ensuring that end-users have a trouble-free working day. Combining both traditional and cloud computing strategies, the most cost-effective solutions are chosen for each individual client’s needs. Collaborating closely with carefully selected partners, ER Information Systems continues to expand its portfolio of services, encompassing: hosted email; email, endpoint, web and network security; online backup, archive and disaster recovery; hosted telephony and collaboration; hosted virtual servers and desktops. For more information, please visit

About Solgari

Solgari has developed the technology, network and partnerships to deliver the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications software solution.  No boxes, no licenses, no software upgrades, no capital expenditure, Solgari is unique.  Solgari is a licensed telco, integrated with a scalable and modular cloud software platform, providing every service from Cloud Telephony, Call & Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing up to the most intelligent Contact Centre, covering call encryption and meeting FCA, SEC, Central Bank and PCI DSS Compliance.  Solgari’s customers can pick and choose the services required, where and when through a subscription based model.  For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about Solgari’s solutions at

Media Contacts

Finn Partners

Hannah Townsend/Astor Sonnen

+44 203 217 7060

Aztec Exchange chooses Solgari for Capex-free global cloud communications

Solgari, the Dublin-based cloud telephony and communications software provider, has today announced its successful deployment at Aztec Exchange, a leading payment company dedicated to streamlining global supplier finance. The partnership with Solgari has enabled Aztec Exchange to consolidate its growing global communication requirements on a single cloud platform, offering high quality calls, chat and conferencing between all locations and devices, with zero capital costs and much lower operational fees.

Aztec Exchange is a global supplier of simple low-cost invoice finance products and services. It cloud-based PayMe ( e-invoice finance solution, an early payment option that’s reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use via an own cloud-based. With offices in Dublin, Los Angeles and Miami, and staff travelling around the globe, Aztec Exchange was facing considerable challenges scaling and supporting complex, costly and disjointed on-premise telephony solutions in each location. For a fast-growing financial services business, addressing all global requirements through a consolidated cloud software solution was therefore the best option. Aztec Exchange chose Solgari for its integrated cloud platform, which allows all telephony, contact centre collaboration and compliance requirements to be addressed globally through a scalable software solution. No longer reliant on multiple telephony, hardware and carrier providers, Aztec Exchange can now provide all staff (mobile and on-site) with instant communications as well as offering the freedom to create specific business communication solutions to meet growing customer demand.

“As a global financial services business, we operate in many regions globally, particularly in emerging markets where our trade finance exchange platform solution is heavily in demand. We require a communication solution that provides us with the same service anywhere, including across mobile devices,” said Bhairav Patel, CTO, Aztec Exchange. “Solgari’s cloud telephony solution achieved all of this, removing the need to use different solutions in each location. This is exactly what we were looking for and it’s an impressive outcome.”

“Our business communications services are perfectly suited to meet the needs of global financial services businesses” said Joonas Valve, Solgari Head of Customer Service “ The power of cloud technology means that all Aztec Exchange employees around the globe have the same faultless communications experience, whilst also providing the company with a reliable, scalable and cost effective system.”

About Aztec Exchange

Aztec Exchange is a leading payment company dedicated to streamlining global supplier finance.
Founded by former Morgan Stanley and HSBC executives, Aztec Exchange’s flagship service is PayMe – a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use early payment solution. With PayMe, suppliers sell their invoices and receive working capital within days rather than weeks or even months. PayMe is available as a white-label service and can be easily integrated into e-invoicing networks.
Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and with operations in Los Angeles and Miami, Aztec can be found online at

About Solgari

Solgari has developed the technology, network and partnerships to deliver the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communications software solution. No boxes, no licenses, no software upgrades, no capital expenditure, Solgari is unique. Solgari is a licensed telco, integrated with a scalable and modular cloud software platform, providing every service from Cloud Telephony, Call & Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing up to the most intelligent Contact Centre, covering call encryption and meeting FCA, SEC, Central Bank and PCI DSS Compliance. Solgari’s customers can pick and choose the services required, where and when through a subscription based model. For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about Solgari’s solutions at

Media Contacts

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Ioiana Luncheon or Mike Marquiss
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How to bring mobility and uniformity to business communications

In the increasingly fast paced and technology driven business environment, bringing mobility and uniformity to your business communications is key in order to stay competitive. The world of work has become increasingly mobile based and remote work has become a standard practice of many companies across the globe. For this reason, businesses are seeking out communications software which provides multi-location access from all devices yet offer tight security and lower business costs.

With cloud communications, businesses can now connect with clients and colleagues through any device, across all offices and locations. In doing so, cloud based telephony solution providers are bringing mobility and uniformity to business communications, offering a number of clear benefits.

  1. Easier implementation and uniform deployments

Companies that operate globally require a communication solution that provides them with the same scope and quality of services in each of their office locations. Whereas in the past, these companies have had to rely on agreements with multiple vendors and carriers to facilitate global communications, now it is possible to use a single global cloud based telephony service. Cloud based telephony is easier to implement, alleviates expensive implementation costs, removes the need for an on-site communication server (PBX) and adding or removing features becomes very simple.

  1. Efficiency and customer service

The ability to transfer calls seamlessly between locations is imperative for a global business. Cloud telephony solutions offer advanced call forwarding and transfers, auto attendant, call recording, call re-direction, click to call, customer greetings, follow me, hunt groups, virtual personal assistant and more between global offices. This means that users have the ability to transfer or re-direct a call to a location across the other side of the world easily and efficiently thus improving customer service.

  1. Reliability

Above all else, your communications solution needs to be reliable. Using different providers for different office locations will undoubtedly result in varying communications quality and performance. With cloud telephony, lagging response times, delays and interruptions that you may have experienced with old legacy systems are minimised. There are no drops in call performance or functionality for employees working remotely, just one reliable communications service no matter the device or location.

  1. Scale & Multiple Services

As your business grows, you need a communications solution that can grow seamlessly with it. Cloud telephony solutions allow businesses to add all business communications services (Web Collaboration, Contact Centre, IVR & Call Archiving), increase the number of extensions and connect to multiple mobile devices with ease, therefore alleviating difficult implementations synonymous with legacy systems. This essentially future-proofs your business keeping you up to date with the latest features or requirements.

  1. Mobile access to a full scope of features & functionality

When employees are on the move, they need access to the right information and the latest applications across all their devices. By logging onto a cloud telephony solution like the integrated Solgari platform, employees can access all messages, voicemail, call conferencing services and more from just one login location. This leads to simple collaboration between co-workers, streamlining business communications.

Interested in bringing mobility and uniformity to your business?

With cloud based telephony solutions, leveraging communications technology and telephony across multiple devices is simple. Talk to us today to discover how the Solgari cloud platform can empower greater employee mobility for your business and drive business performance.